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Review - The IT Crowd

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The IT Crowd Review Graham Lineham, the co-creator of Father Ted and Black Books, has written a new sitcom series, The IT Crowd, shown on Channel 4 on Friday. Directed by Ben Fuller (Dead Ringers) produced by Ash Atalla (The Office), this sitcom is the most bizarre satire of office dramas but one that attracts a lot of viewers. Set in the forgotten dingy IT basement of a fictional British corporation, Reynholms Industries, Lineham has produced the perfect team of characters: the two IT geeks, Roy (played by Chris O'Dowd) and Moss (played by Richard Ayoade), plus the new boss, Jen (played by Katherine Parkinson), who lied about her IT experience on her CV. The show's catchphrase: "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" is actually quite helpful as I guess this is what most IT people do when something goes wrong with a computer. I expect it is going to be pretty hard for those proper IT men to say that now without being a tiny bit self-conscious. So why is this show so successful? On top of the downloadable episodes on the internet a week before the official TV broadcast, the show's over-the-top silliness and the absurd remarks made by the characters surely catch a lot of viewers' attention, including mine. ...read more.


I cannot recall the last time I have laughed so much during an episode of a comedy. Others in the house would just know that I am watching one of those crazy programmes. We are also privileged to have Chris O'Dowd, the Irish comic, who guest starred in Red Cap and has also appeared in Festival. His role as Roy is just as brilliant; always wandering up to the fifth floor to look at all the gorgeous girls but hating being told what to do by women. Jen, who was made head of the IT department, was hoping to work with the nicer people up on the fifth floor, but ended up in the basement, which is filled with broken chairs, racks of decaying monitors, old system units that are littered all over the floor, and last but not least, she is stranded on the isle of nerddom. What really gets on my nerves about this character is her high-pitched, relentless laugh. Alright, first time it's funny, but millions and millions and millions in each episode, it is just once too many. The show is not quite same as Father Ted or Black Books, but it has the potential to be the utmost sitcom series. So if you want to put your feet up and have a good laugh on a night in, then check out The IT Crowd. ...read more.


I also used some language techniques such as alliteration, "short-sleeved shirts", to make the imagery more intense and catch the mind's eye. Hyperbole is used for the description of the basement, "racks of decaying monitors", which is an exaggeration to heighten the effect of the image in the audience's mind. The list of three, "millions and millions and millions", is used in my review to make the point about Jen's laugh stronger. This is also hyperbole as "millions" is exaggerated for emphasis to help stress the point. My review contains questions regarding the show, "why is this show so successful?"; this makes the audience feel more engaged and might even be the questions that they are thinking of themselves. I have also addressed the audience directly, which makes them feel more involved and think that the opinions are from me alone. When I finished writing my review, I gave it to someone to read and to offer some comments on it. I was told that I needed to add a few more opinions about the show and some humour to it, as it was quite simple and not very entertaining or engaging. Having known the improvements that I had to make, I included some opinions of my own, along with some humour, and incorporated them in appropriate places in the review. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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