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Revision of short stories

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Names Themes Language Structure Attitudes Feelings Symbols, interpretations, how it affects me... Comparing Superman and Paula Brown's new snowsuit - (A) Change Fantasy and Reality - Sylvia writing in the 1950 is sure that the audience know and recognise who superman is and his importance to children. He travel faster than a bullet and can save someone from being shot - therefore no accidental comparison. Character creates dramas for themselves. The war present unpleasant reality. Corruption and Betrayal. Material Possessions and human values. One way in which the writer explores these themes is through the use of symbolism - Flying is a symbol of possiblity and imagination The poet portrays to the readers the thoughts of a nine year old. Uses symbolism to reinforce childhood innocence being lost. Sentence structure - sometimes simple or compound. The title of the poem corresponds with the title, as the first part is about superman and the second is about Paula. The story begins with pleasant fantasy and ends in Unpleasant reality Change happens when Paula brown gets her snow suit and everything turns negative 'Superman invaded my dreams' looking remarkably like my uncle Frank" - at the beginning, she idolised her uncle, she trusted him and felt secure around him, "Uncle Frank was the strongest man". ...read more.


"The right shoe on the right hand side and the left shoe on the left... like a husband and wife" the writer has used personification to describe the shoes. Si mile used to suggest that shoes are important. ""I am lying curled up in the middle of the bed" - curled perhaps could mean she is bottling up her feelings The non-chronological structure of the poem could symbolise the mothers' emotional insecurity. Also buttressed in "There my darling, there. You're at home with mother, everything's all right."- no use of punctuation too. The story is in the style of a letter she writes "You just went off, just ran out of the house in the middle of the night, and left me." This means that she of course cannot verbally express her feelings in person "There's no point really in writing this because it can't reach you...I don't know where you are Growing up is seen as a bad thing to some people like (A, B, C). Change is in the situation. Mother is horrified that daughter ran away "Delicate white sheets, rustling, uncreased" - symbolise daughter as perfect. ...read more.


His right hand is very dominant and is used for his passion of writing. therefore with the death of his son he could be interpretdd that he is loosing his passion in poetry or writing. Compared to mid-term break, OMFS accepts loss while seamus cannot come to terms with the lost and feels that it is unfair. Mid - term break "wearing a poppy bruis" use of metaphor creates a strong image. Alliteration of fricative is used "four foot box, foru foot year" this makes text more aggresive and uses it to portary the anger of family towards death of the son. The family feels death is unjust and unfiar as the chil dis very innocent. Catrin It portrays the hardship involving birth and also the hardship of becoming a parent and also chnages that happen to the groiwng child. Major themes - childhood, change, Began to create semantic field of violent with word such as the alliterated " first fierce confrontation'. 'tigh red rope' suggest the umbilical cord. it couls also represent the strong bond between them that cannot be broken. Also usinng the colour red to conjour images of blodd, death and pain. Names Themes Language Structure Attitudes Feelings Symbols, interpretations, how it affects me... Comparing ...read more.

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