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Richard III.Anne looked absolutely disgusted to see me, this monster standing in front of her. I have had this look to many times now, to care.

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Richard III - Homework The sounds of people's pain echoed off the white tile walls. I had heard this too much in my life to care. The dampness made my cold skin feel at home. And as for all these dead corpses that were lying around, my eyes have been plagued with these images almost all of my sinful life. I thought Id wear my work outfit, to show her that I am a man of profession, that all the killing I do is just my job, not my choice. That should fool her. Ill put on a sad face, which will show her that I do not live in a world like this place. As I crept round one of the pillars in this morbid room, I saw her, leaning over the man who I had recently silenced. ...read more.


I remove the hat from my head, to reveal my gray and worn hair. Then she asked me if I had killed her husband. My mind was going around in circles. Should I tell her? I confirmed her query with a yes. But before her next words of hate left her thoughts, I decided to compliment her, to let her know my 'true' feelings, if there is such a word as truth. Trying to keep a straight face was extremely difficult. Surprisingly more difficult than ending someone's life, something I found came natural to me. But being nice and complimenting a life, that was not in my mind or my job description. But I believe that my lying and acting went very well. I think she believed almost everything that left my lips! I could see the anger pouring off her face, but she never stopped me from expressing these 'feelings'. ...read more.


Kill me I said. Her eyes told me she could, but she wouldn't. The knife fell to the floor. I told her to pick it up, or take me up. This puzzled her. She said she wanted to know what was in my heart. I'm sure she wouldn't enjoy knowing about hell. I drop down onto my knees, fake tears filling my eyes, taking the ring off my finger with my twisted mouth, offering this ball and chain to her. Foolishly, she accepts it. As I leave, I ask for a farewell, she says no, but think that I already have. I put my hat back on and close the doors to this room of death. She bought everything Id said, she may be curious, but she accepted my offer. Fool! My deceitfulness is too much for anyone to handle. So pleased with myself, I move around like a happy school child, but still in a devilish way. The Master plan worked, but its only just the beginning,. Ryan Browning 10 a 18/04/03 ...read more.

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