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Richard III: Coursework Essay

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Richard III: Coursework Essay 12.12.00 The play Richard III shows power, greed and ambition and how doing these things can effect other people and change how you act and think. In the world today someone who is like Richard in the way that he is greedy and power hungry is Saddam Hussein. The whole play shows how Richard is ambitious, greedy and power hungry. At the start of the play he is ambitious because he has set himself a task to become king. This shows that he is greedy because he is not happy with what position he is at that moment and wants more power. The way in which he does this is by killing anyone who could prevent him from becoming king. I think Shakespeare may have wanted to show that having ambition, power and a little greed is ok but if you lose your head and want more and more power making you become more greedy it could result in not just other people getting hurt but you getting hurt in the end as well. Like in the end of the play Richard ends up dying as a result of his extreme amount of power and greed. I think he wanted the audience to admire him for his cleverness in his schemes and the way he has organised everything. In some points the audience do admire him for his cleverness but straight after he has brought the audience to his side he does something extremely viscous and evil that the audience off liking him. ...read more.


Also towards the end of Act One Scene Two he starts to get cocky after winning over Lady Ann and says some evil comments like "Was ever woman in this humour won? I'll have her; but I will not keep her long" this is saying that he will marry Lady Ann but after a little while he will kill her. This will give the audience a very nasty image of Richard because of his evil antics. Act One Scene Three is where Queen Margaret curses all the people she hates. She says horrible remarks like "God, I pray him, that none of you may live your natural age" which means that she is saying that all the people she hates she doesn't want to live a long life, and another quotation is "Thy friends suspect for traitors while thou livest, and take deep traitors for thy dearest friends" which means that she wants all the people she hates to die so they can't hurt her friends. Richard is one of the people Queen Margaret hated so therefore she cursed him. When she curses Richard she says to him "No sleep close up that deadly eye of thine, Unless it be whilst a tormenting dream, affrights thee with a hell of ugly devils!" This curse actually comes true and like the quotation says Richard has a terrifying dream making him panic and sweat. What happens in the dream is ghosts surround Richard and curse him saying "despair and die!" ...read more.


just so he could get a horse and escape and survive. This is because he now realises what he has done and all the work he has done to be king is really evil and now feels that he was wrong to have done what he did. In the end Richard dies by his head being chopped off by Richmond. I feel that the audience would respond to Richards's death like "Oh good, I didn't like him because he was horrible and evil" but after a while they will think that Richard has realised what he has done and can see that he was wrong. So they may feel sorry for Richard, which I think is what Shakespeare was trying to bring across. I found the play quite enjoyable to watch. It had a few tense and dramatic moments, which kept me watching it. I think that Richards's character was very effective and I feel Shakespeare has created a really clever villain who makes very clever remarks, which manipulate his enemies. The way Richard wins over Lady Ann I think is really clever and he should be admired for it. A couple of the remarks he says to Lady Ann are "sweet saint" and "fairer than tongue can name thee" which means that there are no words that can describe her overwhelming beauty. These remarks flatter Lady Ann and that is how he wins her over. Peter Edwards 10was ...read more.

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