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'Richard is a character of extraordinary energy and charisma. In comparison the others seem dull and predictable' - Is this a correct representation of Richard compared to the other characters?

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'Richard is a character of extraordinary energy and charisma. In comparison the others seem dull and predictable' Is this a correct representation of Richard compared to the other characters? Throught the entire play Richard is without a doubt a character of energy and charisma, but in comparison to others is a very debatable question. That is why I am going to try and look at both sides of the arguement fairly to see if Richard is a character of strong energy and charisma compared to the others or if, he infact, is not. I think that the only person throught the play who see past Richards lies and deceit is his own mother (The Duchess) as in Act 2, scene 1-4 she talks about how unusually fast he grew as a child and how he was born with teeth. She goes on to talk about how he was mischevious ('Parlous') and sharp tongued ('Shrewd'). There is also another character in Act 2, scene 4 who fears herself to be in danger from Richard duke of Gloucester. This character is Elizabeth. She realizes she is in great peril when her son (Grey) ...read more.


Hastings is trying to think with some logic here and what he is saying does make sense, but from here on he becomes more and more ignorant to other signs he recieves, truly convinced that Richard means no harm to him. That was the first sign for Hastings, and because he is so predictable himself he seems to think that everyone else is too. For example he thinks he has Richard all figured out by saying: "Can lesser he hide his love or hate, than he, For but his face straight shall you know his heart" He assumes that Richard cannot hide his true feelings and these are expressed, he doesnt belive he can almost be two people, because one Richard appears to be good, faithful and loyal whilst the real Richard is lying, cheating and decietful. If you were to compare both Hastings to Elizabeth you would see an etirely different contrast between them both. Elizabeth clearly sees herself in great danger and goes into hiding which is the opposite to what Hastings did, he was even lured by Richard into his own death. I personally belive Hastings wasn't as stupid as he seemed to be when it came to knowing Richard, I belive he was ...read more.


I thought that Richard should have possibly seen this coming as everyone has there limits and Richard found Buckinghams limits. Another reason for Buckingham being an extra-ordinary character is because I feel he out-wits Richard due to the fact that I don't think Buckingham really wants to help Richard, I think he knew what Richard was up to and Buckingham thought it would be safer to help Richard or he would almost certainly get killed, and now that Richard has the throne Buckingham possibly feels theres no real threat from Richard anymore because he has the thone now. There are many characters in this play and personally all of them how there own unique energetic spirit, it's not because they are dull and predictable its simply because Richard is a flatterer, and he was the most unlikely person to try and take the throne due to his deforment. The other characters were all to busy worrying about other people betraying them they hardly had time to notice Richards evil plots. To summarise, I belive there are equal arguements to say Richard is more charismatic and energetic than the other characters. There are some who are predictable and others who I feel out-master Richards charisma. So all in all, there are some chracters who dull, some who match Richards charisma and others who top it. ...read more.

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