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Richard the third act 2 scene 2 Elizabeth diary entery

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This is possibly the saddest day, for I have lost my life in the shape of my Husband. It is not only me who has lost something; my child has lost his father, my mother in law has lost a husband, and the people of this country have lost one of the greatest kings ever to live. My sorrow has no limits, so much so that I would grieve for eternity over my dead husband. I feel helpless now, for my stepping stone, which supported me through my life is gone and I fear all that is possible is for me to sink into the water, into darkness. ...read more.


When I found out of his death, it felt to me as if I had had a knife stabbed into my back, a knife that refused to come out when I pulled at it, leaving me with eternal agony. I do not fear for my life much any more, but the life of my sons I do. I believe that Richard was the cause of Edwards death and that he will stop at nothing to attain the throne, therefore killing my children. Young Prince Edward is the heir to the throne; so he must be called to London and crowned. While we were deciding this, Richard entered, along with Buckingham, Hastings, Stanley, and Ratcliffe. ...read more.


I felt sorry for my mother in law that she had been put in such a situation to tell her grandchildren that their father was dead. But the duchess told me how she knows how evil her son Richard really is and that he killed his brother, and she grieves that she ever gave birth to him. I can not help feeling the same way. I also fear what will become of me, now I am no longer wife to the king. I fear my days will be short, for it will be not long before Richard decides to kill me Benji Gourgey Diary of Elizabeth 17/10/2008 ...read more.

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