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Right at the end of the Green Acre Forest, there lived a small family of two, a mother and her daughter.

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Right at the end of the Green Acre Forest, there lived a small family of two, a mother and her daughter. The mother was named Antoinette, which meant a Greek goddess born to share a passion with animals. The daughter's name was Little Red Riding Hood. Her real name was Christina. She was nicknamed Little Red Riding Hood by her mother and grandmother. All of her coats were any other colour but each of them had red hoods and to top it all up she of such a diminutive size for a child of thirteen. So, it became obvious that the best name for her was Little Red Riding Hood. At The beginning of the forest, there lived Fiona. She was Christina's grandmother and Antoinette's mother. Between these two homes was a wood. In this wood, there lived a wicked wolf. He ate people, in fact he did not eat them; he just gobbled them up in one go. One sunny morning a letter arrived. Mrs Pidgewin, an unusual penguin who had the necessary expertise to fly, dropped it off. The letter was from Fiona. It said: Dear Antoinette It has taken me a great deal of time to write this letter to you. ...read more.


After speaking to the wolf, she remembered her mother's advice. She was never to speak to anyone on her way to the cottage. Within moments, Foxy Wolf was ahead of Little Red Riding Hood and heading towards Fiona's cottage. When the wicked wolf arrived at the cottage, he vigorously knocked down the door only to find poor old and frail Fiona seated in her bed having a cup of tea. Fiona was so terrified she instantly started crying. Unfortunately the wicked wolf was just too hungry, he gobbled her up. The wolf remembered that Little Red Riding Hood was coming to the cottage very soon. He was just too greedy he decided to eat Little Red Hood too. He immediately dressed up in some of Fiona's clothes and waited for Little Red Riding Hood. Soon after the wolf ran away from Little Red Riding Hood, she met Podgy Wizard. He was dressed up in a leopard skin coat.' Oh, Hello Mr Podgy,' she said with a wide smile on her face. 'Oh well if it isn't a surprise. It is my lovely princess. So where are you off to today?' ...read more.


Minneola cristy proncy.' After uttering, these magical words he transformed into a prince. A horse also appeared in front of him. He mounted on it headed for the cottage. Podgy Wizard knocked the door down only to find the wolf sleeping luxuriously on Fiona's bed. 'What have you done with Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother Fiona,' he shouted. 'I gobbled both of them up because I was just too hungry. First I had Fiona for breakfast, then_ _ _.' Before the wolf even had the chance to finish what he was saying, Podgy Wizard pulled out his sword and slashed the wolf's head off. He opened his stomach and found Fiona and Little Red Riding Hood seated. Little Red Riding Hood and Fiona tanked the Prince for rescuing them. They all cleaned up the cottage and Little Red Riding Hood gave her grandmother the food she had brought for her. After finishing all the work, Little Red Riding Hood left her grandmother's cottage. The Prince escorted her to her home. She told her mother all the day's events. As she was going to bed she realised she was not going to be having any unusual encounters with the wolf. It would be safe for her to visit her grandmother any time. It suddenly crossed her mind that the Prince was Podgy, Podgy Wizard. ??????? ...read more.

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