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Right Under Your Nose

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Right under your nose The figure of a woman stood in an oak surrounded window staring out upon the vast mass of ocean, waves crashing high above the rocks. She herself was being looked upon. She moved from the window and slowly sat down in front of the ever glazing fire. Embers rose and heat filled the room. She quickly drifted into a well deserved sleep. A sudden and loud knock on the door woke her. She ran down the creaky stairs and opened the door, but to her surprise nothing was there. She returned to the living room. Her mind began racing. Where was he? Why hadn't he come home? But it was a mystery to her. But then she thought again. Two girls had disappeared this week; it had been all over the local papers, please say nothing had happened to him The door bell rang. She once again ran downstairs hoping it was him, and opened the door only to be confronted with an empty space. ...read more.


She stood for a moment wondering whether she was just being stupid and should just return inside the house. She didn't understand but she knew now that she couldn't just be imagining a note, it was solid hard proof in her hands, that supernatural things were happening to her. As her instinct told her, she ran. As fast as her legs would carry her, she sprinted the further away the better, or so she thought. She managed to get as far as the train station on the sea border. You could still see her house from there but she felt at a safe distance. Not really knowing what to do now, she dawdled into the train station. Why not? As she stood on the platform she began to think. Why don't I just go? Nothing's keeping me here? He hasn't been home in days. Why should I bother to stay at home and do nothing, just waiting for him to return? I'll go. A final step took her onto the train. ...read more.


As she began to walk away the man took a pointed dagger out of his pocket and lunged at the girl. It ripped into the girls back. The girl screamed and fell to the floor. The woman could not believe what she just saw and fell to her knees in disbelief. He stood over the girl and pulled the dagger out of her body. He wiped it clean with her handkerchief and placed it back inside his pocket. He then walked over to his car opened the boot and flung the girl in as if she was just a dirty rubbish bag. He looked around and then slammed the car boot shut. She began to feel dizzy again. What was happening? The girl was stood in front of her. She muttered five words and then disappeared. "It was him, stop him!" The woman felt the sensation she had earlier in the day. She needed to run, so she did, all the way back to her house. Why did everything appear so innocent? There had been murders and the worst thing was, it was her husband that had committed them. What was she going to do? What could she do? ...read more.

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