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RITA HAS CHANGED SINCE WE LAST SAW HER. EXPLAIN HOW YOU WOULD DIRECT AN ACTRESS PLAYING RITA IN THIS SCENE TO HIGHLIGHT THESE CHANGES. (act 2 scene1 ) Willy Russell was born in Whiston, near Liverpool, England, in 1947. Russell has written a string of popular, award-winning plays and musicals, but perhaps one of the most well known is Educating Rita. In this play Willy Russell is very much producing a mirror image of parts of his life. As a child and growing up he didn't care much for school, he considered himself a kid from the 'D' stream and a piece of factory fodder. Eventually he realised he did not want to end up working in a factory, yet it was to late as there were only six months of school left he did not make an effort, he felt his fate lay in factory work so he spent his days in underground clubs and sagging of school. He left school generally uneducated and became a ladies hairdresser as Rita does in the play, he did not enjoy his job and he felt he was not good at it, eventually he got his own salon and on bad days he would retire to the back room and wrote, as he felt it was the only thing he could do. Eventually he begun to write poetry, books and sketches but found himself interrupted by the world he was in, he wanted more. ...read more.


Apart from being at summer school she now lives in a flat with a friend after being thrown out of her home by her husband who disagreed with her education, yet it is the changes in her character and attitude that are the most startling and which need to be emphasised by the actress playing Rita's part in this play. As Rita enters Franks room the actress playing her should 'burst' in with an incredible air of confidence, throwing the audience back immediately noticing the change in her. She is wearing new second hand stylish clothes and shows them off to Frank the clothes most probably symbolising the new person that she has become, the transition is complete. She then surprisingly takes of her shawl and gives it to Frank whereas before she simply took her jacket off and hung it wherever she could. She then goes on to say to Frank that it was 'fantastic' this change in dialect is evident as before she would not have used such word as fantastic. Frank seems to attempt to ignore the obvious change in her and asks her 'if she actually got any work done while she was there, he seems taken a back by her response as she says 'work? We never stopped. Lashing' us with it they were; another essay lash, lash do it again, lash' when saying these lines the actress should clearly project excitement and pride in her voice. ...read more.


refuses politely, this depicts that the way she thinks has also been altered by this change education has brought about in her life, she has become more environmental and health conscious just as young students are. Overall Throughout Act 2 Scene 1 we notice a dramatic change in Rita's attitude and character. Where before she was funny and often told jokes and made sarcastic comments about what she did not know, here she does not do this once. Everything she has to say is straight to the point, swearing is also avoided as she does not swear once when speaking to Frank whereas before it was part of her normal dialect. When an actress is playing this part she must keep in mind the extreme change that has taken place in Ritas character, she is no longer the 'stupid typical working-class girl', she is now a bright young woman who now sees herself with choices and decisions that she would not have had before she was educated. The actress must reflect this feeling of a 'new person' by exaggerating confidence in everything she does, concentrating on the feeling of extreme confidence and pride in herself as this has to be clearly projected to the audience. Where before Ritas wanted to achieve something but was not sure she could do it, here she has now proved to herself that she can and feels unstoppable. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Munera 10A English coursework ...read more.

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