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Rival Schools

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Rival Schools In my mind, Monday mornings are always tedious. I walked into school after the Easter break. The weather outside was windy and the trees were swaying everywhere. Leaves that already had blossomed on the trees were being forced off by each gust of wind. The balmy springtime weather warmed your skin, but something was still lacking in the air. You still had to wear a jacket, although you didn't want to. I was late for school; it's my routine. I always arrive at least five minutes late. The teachers use to care, but now that they actually understand that I'm smart, and I don't need lecturing about how to tell the time, they just let me sneak in and take my seat. The corridors were empty and clean. The floors were shiny, and with the early morning sunshine coming through the windows, if you looked towards the floor, you would be blinded. All the other students were in their classrooms for their first lesson, getting told about up and coming events, exams, spelling bees and such. At the end of the hall, I reached my classroom. I slowly opened the door and every pupil in the class turns and stared at me. The blinds were closed and the room was dark. The artificial light bounced off every polished desk. "Thank you for joining us at long last. This is Josie. She is the new addition to our class." Mrs Sullivan said, in a patronising way. I nodded. I wasn't that interested to be honest. "Josie, for today, you can sit at this desk here.'" She tapped on the desk next to mine. I hated the beginning of new terms. Our first lesson on Monday is history. I'm sure they want to depress us even more. While Josie is getting her textbooks, I take a look at her. She has this long straight sleek brown hair. ...read more.


You're scared because you have never encountered someone like this before. She's probably more scared of you than you are of her. Try and socialize with her. You don't have many friends nowadays. Now come down for dinner. Before your brother destroys the kitchen." One. I'm not scared of her, far from it. She only comes up to my belly button, even that. Two. Aren't bears the animals who are scared of each other, well actually they can get along? Three. Don't have many friends nowadays? I have never had friends. **** I turned up fashionably late for the next day. It was still was windy, my folder flew away twice onto the road on the way to school. Tuesday, first period maths. I walked into the classroom, not paying attention to my surroundings and threw myself into the chair, and threw my books onto the desk. "Hello. How are you this morning?" I turned and was faced with a smiling Josie. It was ten past nine. I had only been awake for half an hour. I didn't need this. Maths is as depressing as all other lessons. Josie knew every answer. At one point in the lesson, she got up and did an answer on the board and explained it. And the class understood. She was doing better than the actual teacher. I looked outside through the window and rain clouds were gathering and I could feel the air getting heavy. **** After sitting in the library, trying to avoid Josie, I went to my art class. everyone is sat round the big wooden table covered in paint from previous years, getting out their work and moaning how the deadline is next week and they are no where finishing. I look to the back of the class, where I normally sit down, and someone was in my seat. Josie. Josie. What was she doing here? ...read more.


**** Thursday is another pointless day in my opinion. I was in geography, looking out the window watching the teachers carry the artwork outside and into the hall. The sun was gleaming down on them. I saw the huge canvas being lifted out and I couldn't help but smirk. The afternoon was dedicated to the art competition. Each one was revealed and the artist gave a little speech of who inspired them and why they should win. Everyone, from the art and music classes gathered in the hall. I stood at the back, mooching with a secret smile on my face. Josie was stood by her canvas, pleased. You could tell she had this feeling she was going to win. I knew she wasn't however. She kept trying to make eye contact with me but I just looked outside wishing I was in the sunshine. The headmaster gave a lecture about how this year, most of the pieces were stunning, and how he was amazed... I was listening. I was practically dying for Josie to get the shock of her life. Then it was finally here. The headmaster explained this was our youngest contender and maybe, one of our finest. I couldn't watch. My heart started pounding again. Blood racing through my veins. I slowly opened the door, slipped out and listened. I heard gasps. I heard shock. I heard silence. Then, Josie screamed and ran out of the hall, sobbing. I looked through the see through glass and saw everyone who looked shocked and surprised. On the way home, I stopped at the park and did some sunbathing. Everyone was down there, soaking up the sun and wishing it would last for longer. I smiled like a Cheshire cat. Josie's friendship and mine could have been delightful. We could have been a great team. We could have been the best friends that you always dream about. But no. Why? Because, well. I'm afraid of challenges. I didn't want to feel threatened. My red hair shined in the sun like flames while I scraped off the remaining black paint from my fingernails. 1 ...read more.

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