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Romeo and Juliet Essay Romeo and Juilet was written by William Shakespeare in the year 1664. Breifly this play is about a boy and girl from two opposing familes fall madly in love with each other gets torn apart by their own relatives hate. The main themes in this play are romance and violence. During Shakespearen times people were very superstitious and believed that fate was pre-destined. The majority of civilians was religious in the year the play was made and belived in most curses and pleas. Throughout the play , this concept was shown as Romeo cries out that everything is linked to fate, every action, every life and death was all believed to be linked to fate. Although it was Shakespeare who was created everything in the play, speech, death, love, including Romeo's character. Behind the scenes for Romeo was Shakespeare who was playing his game. So Willium Shakespeare was Romeo's fate. The Prolouge was set at the beginning of the play and we were told the summary of the play. We were told the plot of the play/storyline, "A pair of star-crossed lovers". This implies two fated lovers against the law. The Prolouge also mentioning " Two households, both alike in dignity ,". This emphasies two waring families both high in stature. ...read more.


This implies Mercutio is trying to include Benvolio in the family struggles, because he wants to make Benvolio same as anyone else keeping him on his side. At the start of the scene the atmoshere is similar to the beginning to act 1 scene 1, when Benvolio and Mercutio is joking and teasing each other, but Benvolio tries to keep the stituation calm and peaceful as possible. The audience would probaly feel sorry of Benvolio as by now they should realise that Benvolio's peace making role is a lost cause. The atmoshere immediatly changes as soon as Tybalt and his men enter the play, it changes because the audience already knows what Tybalt is like and what the outcome will be, violence. As soon as Tybalt is caught in sight of Mercutio and Benvolio, Benvolio says "By my head, here come the Capulets". This demonstrates how instantly worried he is. But Mercutio replies to him "By my heel, I care not". This emphasises on how Mercutio is cocky, arrogant and doesn't care about the Capulets and Tybalt. Mercutio also knows that there's a crowed around and even whilst Tybalt and his men has arrived armed, Mercutio seems to try and stir it up even more, by being a showman, causing a comedy show and jokes as though he doesn't care. ...read more.


This scene Act 5 scene 3 is important beacause it is the very last scene, and the audience will be eager to await for the finale. It is also because this is the part of the play where both of the main characters (Romeo and Juliet) dies. In this last act and scene, we learn a very great deal about Romeo's character. We learn that he is very irrational and could be very violent. I don't think he manages to live up to the stereotype of the "Romantic", because I think Romeo's mood effects his speech, and especially the way he acts. At one speech in this scene he says "By heaven, I will tear thee joint by joint and strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs." This demonstrates how violent Romeo's mind could come up and heaven do. The theme of violence is so important beacause, it alternates hte storyline of the play multiple times and also changer the behavior and roles of the characters. The violence can be most memorable, because violence is exiciting, it grabs the audiences attention and it adds "unpredictabililty" to the play. Violence stirs up peoples emotions, causes shock, distress, and it is often unexpected. The audience like to watch contrasting characters good vs bad. I think at the end of each scene the audience would be thinking what will happen next, beacause Shakespeare makes every act and scene interesting and reminding for us. ...read more.

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