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Robert De Niro as Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein Frankenstein the novel and movie had a few similarities and many differences. Robert De Niro plays the Creature and he does a good job portraying the creature in the novel. Kenneth Branagh plays Victor Frankenstein and his play was good with the way he showed the consequences he faced during his life. Henena Bonham Carter is Elizabeth who has an important role in the novel. In the 1994 film, Robert De Niro is the creature. They d o an excellent job with the special effects and he looks exactly like how he is described in the book. "What kind of people is it in which I am comprised? Good people? Bad ds people?" (Shelley 56) In the beginning, it's similar to the novel a man creates life from dead tissue. ...read more.


In the film, the monster is incapable of speech, and the audience does not have the opportunity to view any thread of humanity within him."(Frankenstein page 3) Instead of feeling pity, the movies aim is to invoke horror or fear. Specific scenes are also changed. When the monster finds a young girl by the water, instead of saving her like the book, he throws her into the water. Next is Victor Frankenstein and he is being played by Kenneth Branagh, who is the young scientist, around whose creation the story revolves around .He is the creator of the monster. Kenneth does a good job showing the problems he had growing up and the way his family got in the way of his experiments. ...read more.


When Victors experiment threatens his relationship with Elizabeth and threatens his own health, Frankenstein abandons the work, all but convinced that the abomination he created would perish on its own. Helena Bonham was splendid as Elizabeth; she was like the refreshing breeze in the movie which could decrease the intensity of the bloody scenes. The movie and film had some similarities and differences. The creature who is played by Robert is basically the same as he appears on a readers mind after reading the novel. Kenneth plays Frankenstein and its quiet similar to the novel except there is too much drama. Henena is Elizabeth and her parts in the film have made situation they are now. The film and novel are very similar except little parts that can't be noticed unless close attention is given. ...read more.

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