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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. vs. Francis Broadhurst

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  • Essay length: 1503 words
  • Submitted: 16/12/2010
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GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

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Dissecting an Argument

Authors demonstrate their arguments in many ways. Writers differ in their organization, mode of discourse, and style in making their arguments. An example is of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Francis Broadhurst's essays on the Cape Wind project. The respective essays are of the same topics but with opposing views. Both opinions are neither right nor wrong, it depends on how well the writer supports his case. Kennedy uses descriptions and examples to draw in the reader, while Broadhurst uses statistical evidence and studies to illustrate his point. Facts and research are powerful when speaking to scientists and politicians. But to the average reader and tourists that visit or live in the Nantucket Sound area, the pathos reasoning is far more relatable and hits close to home thus, it is more appealing. Ultimately, Kennedy's "An Ill Wind off Cape Cod" makes a stronger and more effective argument because he can manipulate his readers' prospective and outlook on the topic of the Cape Wind project through the organization of the essay, the mode of discourse, and the style in which the essay is written in.

Kennedy first begins to create an image

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