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Robert Louis Stevensons Biography and what lead him to write "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde."

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Robert Louis Stevensons Biography and what lead him to write "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde." Robert Louis Stevenson was born in 1850 in Heriot Row in the New Town Edinburgh. He grew up there with his mum, who was an invalid, and his dad, but he was away most of the time because he worked in building lighthouses which he had to travel far away to do. He also grew up with his nurse, Alison Conningham, who R.L.S refered to as his "second mum." She taught him about good and evil and you will go to hell if you be bad and that people have a good and bad side to them. This influenced him to write "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" as that story involves one person walking about in the day as a respectable, loyal man, but at night, he takes a potion and his evil side comes out and walks the streets and does bad things, like murder an MP. Alison also read him the bible at night and at one point R.L.S was afraid to even close his eyes and go to sleep he was so afraid, and thought he was going to go to hell if he slept. ...read more.


straight to the university so they were sure they were fresh and got paid big money as the researchers needed these bodies to practice and learn about the anatomy. In the end, one turned the other in and Burke was hung, his skin was said to be used for binding books. R.L.S wrote a book called "The Body Snatchers," in this book R.L.S made a character, he was Burke Hare and Knox all in one man, Know was a well known popular guy in the day time, but at night, like all the others, dealt in dirty dealings with bodies. In 1873 Robert Louis Stevenson left Edinburgh and spent 10 years traveling to England, France and America. In 1884 his doctor advised him to live in Bournemouth as he was ill and suffered from severe heamhorraging. Here he settled down with his wife, Fanny Osborne, and his parents were so glad he settled down they gave Fanny some money to re do a house they called "Skerryvore". He wrote his first draft of "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" after the nightmare he had. ...read more.


This man turned the respectable, chilling but not horrific book into horror and a thrilling tale. Soon after there was a series of murders by a person named Jack the Ripper. People who had seen play told police they thought he was Jack The Ripper, killing prostitutes and sending peoples liver into the police in half and saying he had eaten the other half, it was tasty, they told police this as they had seen how dark and thrilling the stage production was and thought he was like that for real and was a murderer. When heard this he closed the play emediatly. There has been many adaptations from the book into the movie. In the book the only woman we hear of is the survant who witnesses the Carew murder, and Mr Hydes maid who lived in Soho. But as the films were made Mr Hyde became a murderer of women, prostitutes and so on which is another reason we think Jack the Ripper was inspired by R.L.S's "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde." R.L.S died 1894 in Samoa, not because of heamorrages but of hard work. ...read more.

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