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Robin Hood

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"Wake up, Steve. Wake Up. Wake Up, Steve!!" blasts my mum every morning. I look at my clock and it glares a green glowing 8:45 at me. Why does she bother? Why should I have to be woken up at 8:45 every morning? It's as if I'm still a little boy. Well I'm not a little boy if that's what you're thinking - I'm a twenty-four year old man. I don't have a job, she doesn't have a job, but do people wake her up at an unnecessary hour? No, although, I suppose she can't help not having a job...she's disabled. It was weird. She was in the kitchen preparing dinner and then the grandfather clock in the hallway chimed. Strangely though, it didn't stop chiming and so I went downstairs to find out what was wrong. After giving the grandfather clock a bit of a kicking, I looked into the kitchen, only to find my Mum on the floor, unconscious. The doctors say she had a stroke and ever since then, our lives haven't been the same. When I say 'we' I mean my Mum, my Dad and I. My Dad works long hours at the local car manufacturers whilst I stay at home with Mum. Today Dad walked in later than usual, smelling of dirt, car grease and he was carrying a brown envelope. ...read more.


I'd had enough and wanted to go home, besides it was starting to get dark, and Mum gets worried when I stay out. When I got to the top of the stairs near the bus stop, someone dropped one of their carrier bags in front of me. I leant down and picked it up for them; it was the man from outside the burger bar. Our eyes met. "Remember Me - The Insolent Young ruffian? Take Your Bag, You Rich Bastard" I shoved the bag into his chest. I didn't mean it - I stood in silent horror and watched as he lost his balance and then as if in slow motion he bounced down the stairs until the crack of his skull at the bottom step and the slow oozing trickle of blood on the floor seemed to bring me to my senses. I heard myself calling out for help, no one came - why would they? You hear some one shouting out these days and you turn a deaf'un As my Dad says - I ran over to him and there it was - his wallet - it had fallen out of his pocket and lay there wads and wads of cash saying "take me, take me", so I did. He wasn't going to need it now, for I could see by the opaque look of his skin he was no longer in the land of the living or spending come to that. ...read more.


I noticed a small mention in the local newspaper about some spinster that had been found murdered in a car park. It seemed to me that multi-storey car parks were the places for rich pickings. You choose your car...then your victim. For six months, and with God's help, I made a good living, travelling from town to town, and visiting car park to car park. I had to choose my time and my moment very carefully, but I became very adept at my calling. I helped many needy people, sometimes anonymously, sometimes not. I got rid of many greedy, grasping, grabbing people. My reputation grew, the papers called me "The Car Park Pouncer" They wondered if I'd ever get caught? I knew that with God's help, I wouldn't...until that fatal Friday. I saw her - she had a ring on every finger. Flash cow, in her flash car. I lay in wait for the moment, I pounced and raised my hand, but someone grabbed it - they held it tightly behind my back. It was a set-up and I was caught. It was over. Robin Hood was caught and locked away by the wicked sheriff. I only wanted to help Mum and Dad, and other poor people. It began as an accident, and I became a hero. "Death to The Pouncer - Throw away the key!!" I heard the crowd scream out at my trial...as if I was nothing more than a common criminal and not a hero. Mark Oliver 10SC ...read more.

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