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robinson guilty

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ROBINSON GUILTY ! Tom Robinson of Maycomb County was accused of having sexually assaulted Miss Mayella Ewell. This case is like no other. The case began with the prosecution by Mr Gilmer having his witnesses up the stand for cross examination. The first witness was Mr Tate who gave a clear but insignificant account .Mr Ewell was next and gave his account with a lot of swear words to back him up which ended up upsetting the judge . Both the Mr Ewell and Tate claim to have seen the accused on the same day. Next the prosecution witnesses were cross examined by Mr Finch who was calm. He examined each with all the respect he could master even for Mr Ewell who continuously mocked him and threw abusive language. Though he managed to prove his point that in fact Robinson wasn't capable of having committed the act and indirectly suggested Mr Ewell did it. Next on the stand was Miss Mayella Ewell. ...read more.


Atticus in court during his closing speech , hoping the jury would understand. TOM'S DEAD Tom Robinson is dead. The Robinson case so is finally over. No chance for acquittal for Tom only death. The trial which should have been fair despite all the evidence which proved the prosecutions case weaker than ever came to nothing . Mr Gilmers confidence proved something; most of the white men in the courthouse thought the same. They saw only one thing and that was a black mans word against a white mans. They knew their social Obligations said one thing and that the white man had to win The claims on Tom's death were that he had tried escaping from prison. At that time we all know what was on the minds of the guards who shot him. Tom was a nigger amongst others and he was escaping. He signed his death contract at that moment. Though as it is we move on. ...read more.


She seems to believe that convicting Tom was the right thing to do and that he as an innocent man shouldn't have been forgiven for something he didn't do. We wonder at how though some people claim their faith they and still think this way. Though on the other hand other white folks don't share the same belief. Men like Dolphus Raymond who thought the trial to be unjust and even witnessed a whitechild cry as a result. If we ourselves as adults don't cry as a result of such injustices it is a shame to see that only children do. Though not only the children cry but the wronged too. The black community mourn tom everyday yet women as Mrs Merriweather find it disturbing to have a sulky darky around them. But other women know the meaning of justice as Miss Maudie who silenced Mrs Merriweather. During her 'speech' on hoe Atticus is 'misguided' in his own house. Maybe it will take a few more like Miss Maudie to really understand the meaning of justice and serve it. MAYCOMB TRIBUNE 03/08/1936 1 ...read more.

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