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Rochester's letter to Jane, written four months after she left Thornfield hall.

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Year 11 personal and imaginative coursework. Rochester's letter to Jane, written four months after she left Thornfield hall. Thornfield hall, August. My Janet! I know that we do not share the same feelings but I feel as though you have ripped out my heart and torn it into shreds. I can understand the vast class divides between us. I once commented maliciously on your poor and obscure ways. And have come to love you as small and plain as you are. But, what I don't understand is why you left me with nothing! No note, nothing! I know that you did leave me with an empty room, empty soul and an empty heart. Could writing this letter be pointless? I have no other choice; my thoughts and feelings are all in disarray. I wish I had had one last chance to bid you farewell. When you and I first met we disrupted the evening calm. My deception led you to believe that I was not Mr Rochester and that I did not even know of him. You stood by my side and led me back upon my horse. ...read more.


I am a truly evil man! I believe you bewitched me at our first meeting; your fairy form possessed a powerful hold over me and lured me into a surreal world. At the beginning of our courtship I never thought that you would come so close to becoming my wife. What were my words? "Soon to be Jane Rochester!" I believe I spoke too soon. I remember one of the first things you my little elf said; "I cannot think of leaving you" if I recall rightly. How close you were to being Jane Rochester! I'm an unfortunate fool, so I am, missing out on a chance to become your partner for eternity. I still get flashbacks of our wedding day- the wedding that never happened. It left me bleeding inwardly for the passion of our love. When I saw Mason's face in that church I could have died. And then forcing you to face the foul fiend may have pushed you just too far. But, Jane, my good angel, my better self, I thought that you would understand. I guess I was wrong! How am I meant to endure a lifetime of so called marriage to that ghastly goblin? ...read more.


Jane, you have left your mark all my belongings, everything visible or not. I can feel the mark you have left on my heart and, Jane that's the biggest mark of all. Jane! My dear! My Janet! You are the only one ever to melt my firm exterior and reach my lax interior. What good is it now that you are gone? I have nothing left. You were my rock! My soul! My life! Is there any point in continuing my existence? If my true love is gone I may as well go too. My soul is dead now, my heart is dead and so my body may as well die too. Jane, you were my true love, you are still my true love, you mean everything to me and I cannot continue without you. What can I do? I have nothing to live for and nothing to exist for now that you are gone. I am nothing without you. Writing this epistle was a waste of time with no address to forward it to. I have already lost you, Jane, my sweet! I thought that this letter would soothe my feelings for you but I guess my instinct was wrong yet again. Farewell, Jane, my true loves! Personal and imaginative coursework- year 11. By Joanne Moriarty- 11c. ...read more.

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