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Rock My World

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Rock My World "Good news Guys! The National Tour's finalized, we're going to travel to 35 different states in 9 months." says John our manager as he enters the music studio. "That's good John but we got to work on our first ever album right now so fill us in later." I reply. "Sure, sure sorry you carry on, I'm so excited for you people, this is big guys, I picture loads of cash!" John always pictured things; we just go along with it because we didn't like to interfere, except for Harry. He mocked him when he wasn't around and sometimes when he was. Harry's a big flirt and chases anything in a skirt, which is good because then we know he's happy and in a good mood. Mike's the quiet, polite and tidy one in our rock band, Mark's his best mate. He's the totally opposite of Mike but they get along. There the original odd couple, Mark's messy and a loud mouth. And there's me, Steve. I'm usually quiet but put my foot down when I need to. Our Rock Band's called Tribute, we started about 5 years ago in Mark's parents garage, I play bass guitar, Harry's on drums, Mike's second bass guitar and Mark's on vocals, I'm backup vocals. John became our manager about two years ago, that's about the same time we got noticed by Top Ten Records. That's our label; we've only released two singles because we didn't have the funding before but finally we are now able to release our album as soon as we have finished. ...read more.


I asked. "No, just looking for the bar." "Its round there on the left" I said pointing in the right direction. "The names Steve, are you from around here?" "No I'm from the city!" she replied. "Does the city girl have a name?" "Jo, my name is Jo, okay small town boy!" "At least I get out of here sometimes unlike... Oh I don't know... every person in this tiny town. They barely leave their houses." I said. " I'd hate that." There was a long uneasy pause then she broke the silence by saying "Anyway, nice meeting you Steve, I got to get some drinks." As she started to walk off I grabbed her hand and twisted her body around. "Can I have your number please Jo?" I asked, which was unusual for me because if it was anybody else I would of let her walk off. "I just met you but your alright so what the hell." She wrote it on my hand with the pen I got from Mark. "Thanks." Then she walked away. "I can't believe this day has arrived!" Mark said as we loaded the tour bus. We packed our stuff into the underneath compartment of the bus and soon we were on our way to the State line. Our first concert was Toronto; it was a quiet night because we were almost unheard of there. We did our thing, they cheered at the end. We were happy, next California, this one was a lot better tan Toronto because the crowd went crazy when Harry ripped his shirt off, we didn't know he was going to do! ...read more.


Now its just Harry on the drums, me bass guitar and main vocals and Harry backs me up. As a three we got two no.1 US hits. I think it's better with the two of us really; it's a lot more peaceful at times. But then again we do miss Mark and Mike. Now the girls tour with us so that's better. It means that Harry is finally faithful to someone. I'm really into Jo and I think she likes me. I fired John eventually as soon as we got back. I said he was a risk to our careers and told him he was reliability. All that was true, and I think he knew it too. So as a replacement we got Geoff. He is so much more organised than John, he plans stuff out more and is overall much better at managing. We don't have to go around to find gigs anymore, they come to use with an offer. I was happily walking down a dusty road in the middle of nowhere, it was a hot summers day in Raleigh, North Carolina. I looked up and down the road several times on my journey. One way was our gear; the other way there was just a road, which went as far as you could see. I needed to have a break and get away from all the hassle and noise of our venue for the night. I stopped and sat down of what looked like a bus stop. I needed time to reflect on the previous year. I lied down on the bench and slowly dosed off in the warm heat of the sun. ...read more.

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