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Rock! Why is it stereotyped in todays society?

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Rock! Why is it stereotyped in today's society? Rock has always been stereotyped as being loud, violent and gothic. There are many different types of rock such as: * Indie * Punk * Heavy metal * Metal * Classical rock * Country rock * New range * Pop rock * Death mental * Christian rock Many people label rock because of how it is introduced, but how they perceive it is what makes them so stereotypical towards it. When people see someone in black they automatically judge them putting them into a category like a Goth, they also immediately think that if you're a Goth you worship the devil and you drink blood. ...read more.


I listen to rock because I can relate to it, also I love the buzz I get from it. Rock has been said to be the devils toy, due to the fact that people think it is based around him. This type of music uses instruments to create songs, by doing this it gives more impact to the song because you can feel the singers emotions through the song, giving it a certain presence to the listener which indicates that things aren't always what they seem. I personally would rather listen to rock than listen to anything else because with rock there is always a meaning to the songs and it really gets you thinking about what life is like for them. ...read more.


Numerous people think that rock is beneath them because of how it is presented, however I will agree that rock can be quiet scary sometimes but It also paints a picture to how people are perceived. Society today claim to share an interest in the different types of music out there, but how can they say that if they go around labelling different aspects of certain music. Rock actually originated from blues and folk music which tells me that people don't know its heritage. If people would just take into account of why some people listen to rock than they would have a better understanding of what it is about. I leave you now with a thought. Are you jus like everybody else judging people on what they listen to and what they're about? By Lauren Herelle 10 or ...read more.

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