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Role of Trinculo and Stephano

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Trinculo and Stephano seem to be unimportant characters in the play, what is their role? Stephano and Trinculo are characters designed to create humour for the audience within the play. They provide light-relief from the seriousness of the actual plot, creating humour with jokes and actions, in Act 3 Scene 2 and Act 4 Scene 1. They seem to be unimportant but in fact they do have an important role. They show the darker and negative side of civilization and the weakness of humanity, in contrast with Prospero who is an almighty figure. The main role of Trinculo and Stephano is to provide humour for the audience. There is a lot of this in Act 3 Scene 2, a funny and amusing scene involving Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban. Throughout this scene the three characters are drunk and playing around with words, creating a humorous atmosphere. ...read more.


The sub-plot acts as another story which reveals more understanding of characters when they have been threatened i.e. Prospero. It increases our understanding and knowledge of some of the less intelligent people of the world, and how they try to overthrow Prospero the ruler. It highlights the wrongs of Prospero, which causes Caliban to behave in that certain way by plotting to murder Prospero. Since Caliban is considered to be part of nature, it suggests that Nature will always try to fight back against civilization, because of Prospero enslaving Caliban. The characters are a part of the plot against Prospero, and they are the characters which started the plot. Because of this, we can see Prospero and how he treats with those who plot against him. We can see his darker side and how he deals with these people, his anger and how he will use his servants. ...read more.


However Civilization is sometimes arrogant and in this case does not heed nature's warning. As a result they are all caught because of their stupidity. There seems to be a change of intelligence because in Act 3 Scene 2 Stephano seems to be more intelligent than Caliban, because Caliban chooses to worship a drunken lord. But in this scene Stephano is not smarter than Caliban; in fact he is significantly more stupid. Their roles as portraying these ideas are important, once again linking nature and civilization. In conclusion Stephano and Trinculo seem to be unimportant characters, but in fact they have an important role in developing many aspects of the play to increase our understanding. One can say that Caliban is also needed to complete the role of Stephano and Trinculo; Caliban being at the butt of each joke. Even with the contrast of nature and civilization between these characters, it still shows that sometimes civilization is not as powerful and can be very weak. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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