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Romeo and juliet

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Trace the development of Romeo throughout the play commenting on the ways the audience see him change and reasons why these changes come about. Throughout the play we see a development in Romeo's character. The audience see this through a distinct change of maturity during the course of the play. The reason for this is his true love of Juliet. The first impressions of Romeo are that he is a na�ve lost boy at the tender age he is at. Benvolio confronts him on the sadness upon him; Romeo does not let much of his feelings be felt. The one thing slips is the unspoken passion for him to have love. This is a common thing within young teens, the negligence of love. 'Out of love', Romeo quotes this has an in-depth meaning of him not being in love as it is called. Romeo is feeling like the days are long. Also we have heard from Montague that he tends to walk round in a dull mood. ...read more.


Shakespeare also uses good word play whilst Mercutio and Romeo have a fair bit of Banta. Mercutio says 'We must have you dance' said to Romeo. Romeo replies 'you have dancing shoes with nimble soles, where as I have a soul of lead. Shakespeare uses the two meanings of the word in a contrast to the emotions that Romeo is feeling. During the play Romeo is wandering around lonely where out of the corner of his eye he spots the lovely Juliet. 'As a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear', this is possibly the most unusual unique sentence in the play. Romeo has spotted his love and he is on 'cloud 9' he is so happy. Romeo calls Juliet a rich jewel expressing how much beauty she has. Romeo realises his love for Rosaline was of no comparison to his love for Juliet. 'Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged!' Of course religion is an important during these times. ...read more.


Juliet then speaks 'Deny thy father and refuse thy name.' She has also found love at first sight with Romeo and is saying that she doesn't want to be a Capulet or anything to do with them so she can be with Romeo. He then asks himself: 'shall I hear more or shall I speak at this?' Romeo knows he really should show himself but he has to know how she feels so carry's on listening. Romeo finds out the truth, he then steps out to the shook of Juliet she is delighted to see him but at the same time scared for him being inside the mansion when he shouldn't be. Juliet is in shock that he has risked his life for her. Maturity is shown by Romeo doing this although he could of stayed in his hiding place, he chose not too; he has done the right thing. Romeo dies as a man and as not as a boy. By the great change in his character, and the development in attitude and maturity. He controls himself as a man now. English coursework Romeo and Juliet Phil lawley ...read more.

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