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Romeo and Juliet.

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EN110 Becky Castro November 29, 2004 Sullivan I lam "in love" with my boyfriend. My sister, my best friend, and my parents have my "unconditional love." I love my car, my favorite jeans, and my apartment. I love sunny days, music, movies, and books. Anyone could list endless people, objects, and experiences that they love. What is love, exactly? How can it even be possible to place a definition on such a word? Love can mean so many different things, and be looked at in so many different ways. The word love can be used in so many different contexts; perhaps that is why it can be such a wonderful feeling. My boyfriend Ryan and I have been dating almost since the day we laid eyes on each other about three years ago. From the first time I saw him, I knew there would be some kind of future with the two of us. ...read more.


By this I mean that there is almost no scenario in which I would turn my back on any of them. They can betray me, make ridiculously poor choices for themselves or others, lie to me, say hurtful things, and it doesn't matter. No matter how much I am hurt by these people, how long it has been since I last spoke to them, or whatever the case may be, if they ever need me I will be there. I don't even have to like them at times, or ever. They are my blood, my family, and the bonds I share with each of them cannot be broken by anything large or small. I will always be there to protect and look after them because I truly care for them and the love that I have for my family is one that will forever surpass everything else. ...read more.


This same feeling goes for anything materialistic: my favorite Express jeans that will be replaced by the next pair that I think is more fashionable, the new running sneakers I purchase after wearing my Sauconys into the ground, and the iPod Mini that I just had to have that replaced any walkman or Discman I have previously owned. I love all of these things, but it is just completely separate from the love that is felt with other living things. So you can see, just from these few examples, that love can be used to describe many different aspects of someone's life. Overall, though, I believe that in any way it is used, love is best described by what is making someone happy. Whether it is the love of a lifetime, the time being, or just a special bond that is shared between two people, love helps people smile, and with some aspect of love present in one's life, the days just seem a little brighter. ...read more.

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