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Romeo and Juliet

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The play 'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare is the most famous version. Many others which were written previously have not endured in the same way. This is because Shakespeare use of language had a huge effect on the audience. The use between mixtures of dramatic irony, personification, metaphor and many more were quite new to the audience. The main themes of the play are the love, fate and fortune, light and darkness, and the family feud. It is in grappling with huge obstacles Juliet is made into a brave, independent and mature person as her love attempts to battle with fate. The audience already have a great admiration for Juliet as they already know that she is going to die because of love, but this awe increases as she becomes more mature in the play. At the start Shakespeare portrays Juliet as a very obedient, helpless and innocent young girl. She is restricted in her house without power over anything. The Nurse has been Juliet's life companion. Although she is clearly devoted to Juliet, the Nurse provides a stark contrast to Juliet who is young, beautiful and dignified in her language. She was so faithful and submissive to her family, she obeys her mother's wishes to marry County Paris in a dutiful and docile manner 'I'll look to like it, if looking liking move; but no more deep will I endart mine eyes than your consent gives strength to make it fly'. She seems happy following her mother's orders but later becomes disloyal and lies to her family. Shakespeare shows that Juliet is a beautiful girl and pure 'thou knowest my daughter of a pretty age'. ...read more.


She is willing to do anything so she becomes desperate and asks for Friar Lawrence help 'come weep with me, past hope, past help!' The audience feels so much pity for her and Shakespeare use of language enhanced this by using repetition. The audience feel sad for her because she thinks that love can triumph over everything but the audience knows that she's going to die because of love and fate. The audience feels the strength of Juliet's bravery and how she did not even think about her family or the nurse when Friar Lawrence told her of the potion 'Give me, give me!' another example of the use of repetition. She becomes very disloyally to her family when she just for the sake of her love. This shows the power of her love towards Romeo is at an extraordinary level. The lies she told her parents are almost unimaginable for her to do before she met Romeo 'henceforward I am ever rul'd by you' The Nurse deserted her therefore she was just alone when she was taking the potion. She had no one and is isolated by herself 'Nurse! - what should she do here? My dismal scene I needs must act alone.' She had no one else to turn up to but the vial 'Come, vial' the audience feels her bravery and daring act even when she is alone and isolated. They feel a lot of empathy for her because the Nurse always helped her make decisions since she was a young age and relied on her. However she left and now she relies by her emotions to lead her and guide her choices in order to get back with Romeo even if it means lying to her family or taking a potion which may be a poison to kill her. ...read more.


Lord and Lady Capulet was only thinking of love as a financial transaction to do with securing and retaining wealth. The Nurse understood Juliet however not her emotions. She did not understand the power of Juliet's love and affection for Romeo as the Nurse think of love from a physical, bawdy point of view. She is portrayed as a divine, holy and goddess figure young girl, which refers to religion. The intensity of her love, her innocence and her constant reckless acting on emotion rather than her intelligence brought her downfall. Countless of times in the play, Juliet shows acts of being independent and heroism. Juliet took a potion that made her seem dead for two day with little hesitation just to stay married with Romeo. She was even uncertain if she would even wake up. This shows a lot of guts coming from Juliet who was only thirteen years of age at the time. She did wake up however just seconds too late to stop Romeo drink the poison. And without thinking twice, her emotions led her to suicide so she could be with Romeo. This just shows how powerful her love meant to Romeo. Juliet matures into a daring young woman, because she had to tackle a great deal of obstacle in just three days. This including lying to her parents, making adult decision and choosing to end her life. Her biggest obstacle was however fate which her love could not overcome. It was a very tragic and horrible death which in a way, showed her bravery, courageousness and heroism because she even ended her own life just to be with her husband Romeo. She transformed dramatically from an obedient, honest and submissive child, to a defiant, courageous and independent young woman which fate sadly, led to her demise. ...read more.

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