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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet .Andrew Barber I think both the Montague's and the Capulet's are to blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Julie. Both families were jointly responsible for the feud. It was like both families putting the logs on the fire. Deep down neither of the families knew what they were actually feuding about or over. The Capulets had the chance to stop the quarrelling if they really wanted to. The feuding caused fights and the fights looked dead in the face. There were many people killed including Mercutio, Tybalt, Paris and not forgetting Romeo and Juliet, who did not die of the fighting ...read more.


The Capulet family were far too hard on Juliet when she refused to marry Paris. Juliet's happiness was not the main interest, as Juliet would marry into a rich family. The Capulets also had their two pence worth in the feuding "My sword, I say! Old Montague is come, and flourishes his blade in spite of me". The Montagues were very similar to the Capulets "Thou villain Capulet!" they were jointly responsible for the feud burning amongst the city. If both Lord and Lady Montague would have been a little more understanding towards Romeo, they might not of been in the situation where Romeo had to keep secrets from them "Both by myself and many other friends... ...read more.


Once again this quick act of marriage had many side effects, like most things. It meant Romeo and Juliet had to be extremely careful not to be caught because it would probably mean death. The feud was constantly boiling until Romeo was hated and even wanted dead. If the feuding would have stopped, why it started we don't actually no, then it would not of ended up with Romeo and Juliet taking their own lives to be happy. The death was a way of them being together, forever as they planned. Juliet knew the consequences she was facing if she was found out "My grave is like to be my wedding bed" ...read more.

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