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Romeo and Juliet

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Page 1 of 6 Romeo and Juliet Introduction Romeo and Juliet is a dramatic love story. It is about two star crossed lovers that are both in rival gangs one of these is Montegues and the other is Capulets. They marry to the disagreement of both gangs and cause conflict throughout. In the end they both die peacefully. The main themes of the play are conflict between the two gangs, the love of Romeo and Juliet and tragic losses. Romeo belongs to the Montegues gang, he is in love with Juliet, and he kills Tybalt and dies at the end of the play. Juliet belongs to the Capulet family; she is in love with Romeo and marries him. She takes a sleeping pill to avoid marrying Paris and pretend that she is dead and wakes to see Romeo dead beside her and commits suicide. Tybalt belongs to the Capulet gang, he is Juliet's cousin he gets himself into a fight with Mercutio and kills him and is then killed by Romeo. Mercutio belongs to the Montegues, he is a friend of Romeo's and is killed by Tybalt. Benvolio is also in the Montegues gang, he is a follower of Romeo. Section 1 Leading up to Act 3 Scene I there are many key events which influence the scene. The Prince has ordered that anyone caught fighting will be killed. ...read more.


2 The tone Tybalt is addressing to Mercutio at this point is at first quite calm and polite , but as Mercutio butts in he begins to get more irritated he continues to insult and challenge him. The tension decreases when it becomes obvious that Tybalt is not interested in fighting with Mecutio, at this point. Now the audience know that Romeo is the man he wishes to confront, so the tension increases in anticipation for an upcoming fight. The audience can now expect conflict between Romeo and Tybalt as Tybalt is saving his anger for his key target. Section 4 In this paragraph I will discuss the dramatic importance of Romeo's entrance. It is dramatic because Tybalt has just been speaking about him and we know that he is angry with him. Also we expect conflict because it is a Capulet and Montague together. Tybalt's insult to Romeo "Villain" does not seem too harmful from a modern audience's point of view, however in Shakespearean times it was considered very insulting as it meant Romeo was of a lower class and of lesser importance, but we know that Romeo is from a noble family. Therefore an old Shakespearean audience would expect Romeo to settle the dispute with a dual. At the time the play was set honour and status were hugely important and as Romeo is of a high class he would find it difficult to contain his rage at Tybalts insult. ...read more.


They beauty hath made me effeminate and in my temper softened valour's steel" Romeo is saying that Juliet has made him more feminine, also that his anger has been softened. He is saying that from now on he will be stronger and more masculine. A modern audience may think he is weak for blaming Juliet for influencing his behaviour. Conclusion This scene is a very important turning point becuae many key things happened. Romeo and Juliet's marriage seems to be doomed because of the conflict between the two families. Tybalt and Mercutio die in a violent fight. Romeo is banished from Verona and Benvolio is left to explain what has happened. This scene is very dramatic because the audience are left wondering what Romeo will do about Juliet and when he will come back. Also how both families will cope with the two deaths. 5 I have learnt that Romeo under his argumentative fighting side he is quite affectionate and respectable. I have also learnt that Juliet is affected by Romeo's action because he has killed her cousin. I have learnt that Tybalt and Mercutio are hot tempered and volatile. I am now aware that a Shakespearean audience use and understand words that do not seem all that offensive in modern times but have a very offensive meaning behind them, for example 'villain' in Shakespearean times means someone who is of a low status but in modern times some one who is quite mischievous. 6 ?? ?? ?? ?? James Draper English ...read more.

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