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romeo and juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Introduction: The legendary love story that is Romeo and Juliet has its plot twisted in act 3:5. After the murder of Tybalt by Romeo he is of course banished indefinitely from Verona and due to this his lover Juliet too. After secretly declaring their love in Juliet's room in the home of lord Capulet, dramatic irony has poisoned the atmosphere as we know not only is this their first night together, but also their last. Confused and lost, Juliet is soon to discover her previous source of guidance, the nurse, has joined forces with her mother and father in turning heir backs on her crying soul and pleas for approval. Haunted by the thought of having to marry her fathers friend, Paris, Juliet's only will to live has become dependant apon Romeo's love. Shakespeare has used many effective techniques throughout this scene and through out the whole play. This includes devices including rhetorical questions and oxymorons. There are a lot of hidden clues in Shakespeare's work which may indicate that he wanted his audience to produce their own view and opinions of what he meant by making a character say or do a particular action. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare produced the classic love story; the young tale of a beautiful nightmare watched through the eyes of the beholder. ___________________________________________________________________ Section 1: Language and Imagery Night and dark/ day and night At the very beginning of the scene it is possible to see an important device in which Shakespeare uses in order to create and express a feeling of apprehension for the audience, the aspect of night and day. ...read more.


Juliet then kills herself by stabbing Romeos dagger into herself and thus, dying, while falling onto Romeos body. The fact Juliet fell onto Romeos body as she died could be a way Shakespeare shows that they are finally together. ___________________________________________________________________ Patriarchy and oppression The whole play that is Romeo and Juliet was of course written by Shakespeare in the days where patriarchy ran rife. The order and rights of the man was seen as most important against any woman's. Symbolism of this is everywhere throughout the play from Lord Capulets aura of power to the role of the seemingly highest order, the prince, being of course a man. Especially in Juliet's case, it seems she is terrified of her father and along with Lady Capulet who only wishing to please him. This creates and underlines the whole theory that the father is in control without any doubt. Shakespeare has created him in the form that he has ultimate power and can at any stage do what he likes. Lord Capulet is in the eyes of Juliet and Lady Capulet, King. This is shown after Juliet is told by lord Capulet that she must marry his friend, Paris, which of course she can't as she is already married to her lover Romeo. After Juliet refused her fathers offer Lord Capulet becomes brim with anger and presents her with the ultimatum. "And you be mine I'll give you to my friend. And you be not, Hang, beg, starve, die in the streets" The fact that Lord Capulet can say this, mentally knowing Juliet will choose to go along with what he wants, again shows his power and the control he has over his family. ...read more.


The bad timing strikes again as Romeo takes deadly poison to kill himself, just as Juliet awakes from her deep sleep. A pon seeing Romeo she is happy that she is in his presence again. But the pain and fear takes over as she realises the love of her life, her only support left, is moments from dying in her arms. In one last hope she tries to take poison from his lips, however, as this fails Romeo slowly slips away. Juliet is now alone. Her family have turned there backs and shut there eyes and now, her lover is gone. So she makes the ultimate sacrifice and kills herself, with Romeos dagger which she describes as "happy", an oxymoron that shows her death will bring her happiness as she will be finally able to join Romeo at last. ___________________________________________________________________ Conclusion Shakespeare's unique take on writing has made Romeo & Juliet a story that not only establishes the problems faced in family life, but goes into detail in describing the consequences that may come from the different situations. In particular, the consequences of what happens when two lovers are forced apart by the cruel intentions and unnecessary rivalry of their two families. The impact of all of these techniques shown by Shakespeare brings a very tense and sympathetic feeling to the audience who are several times aware of events that even the characters are not (such as the night shared by Romeo and Juliet being their last). This particular scene is important as it highlights what I believe to be the central message in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet; a persons actions can seriously affect the consequences for another. ___________________________________________________________________ 1 ...read more.

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