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Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet The many different themes of Romeo and Juliet theme the test of time because what happens in the story Romeo and Juliet also happens in the world today. The many different themes of Romeo and Juliet which are Violence, religion, hate, love, youth, tragedy and jealousy are the things that also are still happening today and that's why so many people can relate to it. In the play two families have a feud with each other and I think that this is the main factor of the death of Romeo and Juliet. Emotions play a big part in the play and the main emotion is love. The emotion 'love' occurs in many ways throughout the play but the main part is the love between Romeo and Juliet. Many people can relate to the love of Romeo and Juliet because it was love at first sight, and they feel that no one else matters and all that they want is to be together forever. The rivalry between the two families (The Capulet's and The Montague's) makes it very difficult for Romeo and Juliet to see each other and it just will not work between them if the families carry on with the feud. This can be associated with the society of today as many people might not be able to court another person because of their race, religion or beliefs. ...read more.


This can also compete with the likes of today because some parents feel that as their child is getting older their concerns for their children weaken and become not as strong as they used to be an as you can see in the play this also has an effect on Romeo as he loves his friends and his cousin more than his parents. Another emotion that takes place in the play is the violence and murder in the play. The violence that is contained in the play also plays a big role and this is why it is also a tragedy. The main tragedy in the play is the part when Juliet takes the potion to make her appear dead to the living world, but really it just puts her in a state of a coma. As Romeo has an increasing love bond for Juliet he cannot live without her so he is forced to buy a lethal poison that will kill him so that he thinks him and his love Juliet can rest in peace. Romeo then makes his way to the church where Juliet lies, appearing dead but actually in a coma. Romeo then drinks the poison so he can 'join' his love in the afterlife. Juliet then regains consciousness from the coma and finds Romeo dead on the floor with the potion grasped in his hand. ...read more.


This makes Verona a very unsafe place to be and this can definitely relate to today because many people don't want to go to cities or towns because of the amount of violence that is taking place there. Throughout the whole play the reader is probably wondering 'So why are the families having these feuds?' so we look at today's society to find out the main reasons that they are. There are many things that can cause these feuds and one of the main things that happen in the play and is common today is that anger can cause quite a lot of jealousy. This is not always to do wit wealth and their social lives but also at home and what they are like with their families. One of the examples in the play is when the Capulets are having the party, the Montagues are very Jealous and envious of this so they decide to gatecrash it. This then starts a feud between them and violence occurs at the party and I think that the Montagues take te drugs to make them feel happier but this makes the Capulets angry. To conclude this essay all of the events that have taken place in the play such as the love and violence factors, still happen today and are very common between families because of things such as religion, race, beliefs or even if a family don't like the person that their son/daughter is courting. Alex Richards 10P ...read more.

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