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Romeo and Juliet

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Who (in your opinion) is most to blame for this tragedy? Throughout the whole play, there are a series of events that lead up to the final tragedy. Some may argue that it was the family feud rather than any moral weakness that lead to the death of the lovers. Their deaths are the inevitable outcome, so in a wider sense, the responsibility for their downfall may lie outside the characters- in the workings of so-called fate. However fate has its own tools, which in Romeo and Juliet's case could involve the characters. Fate is the very thing that brought them together (when Romeo read the guest list, which seemed natural, but it was just the beginning of a chain of events that brought Romeo and Juliet together) subsequently it has the same power to bring about their separation and death. Some may argue that what brought about their death was really due to the lovers themselves. The negative outlook of the match delivered by both Romeo and Juliet encouraged such a dramatic ending. Romeo sensed it before he met Juliet. When he went to the ball, with the intention of meeting Rosaline, he has a feeling that something is about to happen that 'blows us from ourselves' stopping him from seeing her. ...read more.


It is from this scene; that we start to understand the prologues 'death- mark'd love'. From here it is clear that a tragic conclusion is inevitable. It was due to Mercutio's death that Romeo murdered Tybalt out of rage. This led to a number of problems. It is from here a sequence of events, which is beyond their control draws them closer to their death. Many events triggered from Tybalt's death; the banishment of Romeo; and the result in Capulet's rage. Capulet's change of heart, which is a sense of responsibility for the tragic events in the second street fight, dramatically alters his attitude to Juliet. His tolerance towards Juliet has gone, and he rages at her when she refuses to marry Paris, then threatens to cast her out of the house when she persists. This leaves Juliet feeling alone and obliged to go to such lengths to conceal her marriage. This brings me to another minor factor which could have caused the tragic ending; Paris's interest in Juliet. We sense the lovers fighting against time as the wedding with Paris is brought forward. The wedding plan with Paris made her go to the Friar, pleading for a solution. This is when the Friar hatches his desperate rescue plan to save them. ...read more.


In my opinion, they all equally contributed to the final tragedy. The Friar sped up the events, encouraging them and supplied them with many negative tools; the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio was the turning point of the play; Tybalt's death made Capulet angry and change his attitude towards Juliet, and caused Romeo to get banished by the Prince; Balthasar delivered false information of Juliet's death speeding up Romeo's arrival to the tomb; the wedding plans with Paris; negative outlooks on relationship from the lovers themselves; the rescue plan failed; nurse betraying Juliet, making her feel alone and deserted; and most importantly the family feud which forced the lovers to conceal their relationship hence always being put in a state of insecurity. Inevitably as events moves so quickly, mistakes are made, and we start to believe the final catastrophe lies in nobody's hands but fate. All of the events seem to be pointing at the same tragic ending. In the prologue we are told that the 'starcross'd lovers' have an inevitable outcome- their death. The vital message fails to reach Romeo, Juliet rouses herself from her unconscious state fractionally too late to save Romeo and herself. The lovers are driven unstoppably through a sequence of events, and are caught up in a train of circumstances, which is beyond their power to control, it seems inevitability is not without irony. ...read more.

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