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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet Year10 course work By Sarah Innes 10BS This essay is about Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet is a play, by William Shakespeare around 1595. It is a play about two star-cross'd lovers both in families that hated each other, the Capulets and Montagues. The main themes in this play are love, hate and conflict. William Shakespeare used language and characters in act three, scene one to create dramatic impact by the way the characters spoke in act three, scene one. Mercutio plays with words and talks like the whole thing is a joke when it is quite the opposite. This creates dramatic irony when he is killed, because the way he was talking before and after he was stabbed, it seemed he was only joking around so when he died it was a shock. Mercutio said, "Consort, what dost thou make us minstrels." Mercutio was trying to provoke Tyblat, we know this because Mercutio says, "A word with one of us, couple it with something, make it a word and a blow." This also creates dramatic impact because Tybalt refuses he said, "You will find me apt enough for that sir, and you will give me occasion." This gives Mercutio and Tybalt dying even more of a dramatic impact because Tybalt did not want to fight Mercutio in the first place. Something else that adds to the dramatic impact in Benvolio speech at the beginning of Act three scene one. ...read more.


Also in the Luhruman version there was more atmosphere, the weather was more dramatic, there was a storm brewing when the Capulets came and after Mercutio died it broke into a huge storm. In the Zeffirelli version it is not very interesting the characters do not change their appearance or their mood. In the Luhruman version however the characters changed dramatically one minute they were happy the next they were angry and emotional. Their appearance also changed greatly they were a lot more upset and some were crying. This helps build tension because you can tell someone had been hurt. In the Zeffirelli production there was no music to add to the atmosphere. Where as there was in the Luhruman there was a lot of music which helped to build up the tension, especially when Tybalt was hitting Romeo trying to make him fight. In the Zeffirelli scene it is very hard to tell the different characters apart because they are all dressed in the same way. In the Luhurman scene the characters are dressed very differently. Even if you do not know which family the characters belong to (Montague or Capulet) you can tell by the clothes they are wearing and by the way they acted. The montagues wore bright shirts and were more carefree. The Capulets wore black and had tattoos they were very serious. This could represent that the Capulets were tough and evil. In the Luhurman version the camera was used to help create tension as well. ...read more.


was fair according to what I had seen. They way Lady Capulet said, "I beg for justice, which thou, Prince must give. Romeo slew Tybalt, Romeo must not live." This was much more dramatic in the Luhurman scene. Lady Capulet said it crying in the rain without a great crowd behind her like in the Zeffirelli version. I felt it sounded like she meant what she was saying in the Luhurman version. I have enjoyed reading this play but I feel I would of enjoyed it more if I had not of had to write about it. This was one of Shakespeare's most famous plays so everyone knows the story. I think this helped because at least I had some idea of what I was reading. I think I wrote about the best part of the play. It was the pivotal point of the story and the most interesting. Without this part, the play could have gone any way and I do not think that the play would be as good without this part. I think now I have read William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and understood it. That I will be able to understand and enjoy his other works as well. Many other people have been influenced by this play and it is the main theme in most love films. I think the reason most, young people know the story of Romeo and Juliet is because of the film made in 1997 directed by Baz Luhurman. This helped the younger generation understand Shakespeare. So they may be interested in the wonderful world of Shakespeare and pass it down to the next generation so Shakespeare can live forever. ...read more.

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