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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet I will be discussing how Shakespeare presents the love between Romeo and Juliet. It is important to examine is the scenes where Romeo and Juliet talk about there love and how both sets of parents want different things for them but they don't know that Romeo and Juliet are married. Shakespeare uses many different dramatic techniques. The prologue is written in the form of a sonnet and sums up the whole play. In the prologue it quotes 'a pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life' which means that Romeo and Juliet's love was in the stars but doomed from the beginning. It also mentions 'Doth with their death bury their parents' strife' which means the parents of Romeo and Juliet took the death of their children to make them stop the hatred that was poisoning Verona. When the audience is first introduced to Romeo, he is a young man who is madly in love with Rosalind not Juliet. ...read more.


Tybalt, Juliet's cousin see's Romeo in the main hall and goes and tells Lord Capulet straight away and Lord Montague just tells Tybalt to enjoy the party and do not worry. Romeo see's Juliet for the very first time and falls in love with her forgetting all about Rosalind. Juliet catches Romeo watching her and is trying to get a better look at him. They finally look in each others eyes behind the curtains in a separate part of the party. They have no idea that they are from the families of each others sworn enemy's. Shakespeare uses religious language to show the devotion between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo uses light related words to describe Juliet and he says that Juliet lights up his world. They touch hands and kiss for the first time but when Romeo leaves the party, Juliet asks the nurse for his name and she delivers the bad news that he is a Montague and Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet. ...read more.


The Friar agrees to marry them and arranges the time. The lovers spend their first night together after getting married and Romeo hears the lark to signal its morning, but Juliet don't want him to leave and says it was the nightingale to signal its night. Romeo says 'More light and light- more dark and dark our woes!' so he is saying the light it gets the worse their problems get. They finally say goodbye with a kiss. Juliet hopes he will come back soon. The Friar gives Juliet a potion to make her look like she is dead so she doesn't have to marry Paris. The Friar sends a note to Romeo but it never gets to him and Romeo finds out that Juliet is dead and goes to the tomb and kills him self but just after that Juliet wakes up and finds him dead next to her so she decides to kill her self. This show's that they truly love each other as their give their own lives for each other. ...read more.

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