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Romeo and Juliet

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(Cognetive education through English education) In Act 1 scene 5 the description of Capulet portrays a very authoritive personality.This shows that he is always in control as he's the man of the house.Recognised refering back to the prologue the reader is given a very brief but in the same sense descriptive introduction of the two families. *"Two households both alike in dignity"(Extract taken from prolgue)This puts forward the fact that the two families involved (Capulet's and Montagues) are very highly recognised in Verona.As the party scene begins Capulet welcomes everybody into his house and doesnt want any trouble what so ever.As the party is eroding away Tybalt Juliets cousin has identified Romeo a Montague.(Not until this present time as its a masquerade ball) ...read more.


Capulet(Peacemaker) Let him alone(leave him alone) Well governed youth.(Well -behaved) * Portly gentleman(he behaves himself like a person from a respected household) * Verona brags of him (People know of his qualities) * He shall be endured(he will be put up with) Because of Tybalts character he states he of all people wont put up with Romeo being present within the Capulet household, regardless of that fact Capulet has the final verdict saying he shall be endured. *Tybalt " I'll not endure him." Capulet "He shall be enured!"(Quote) *Ancient grudge break to mutiny(this makes reference to the prologue)Capulet speech P67 saying Tybalt will not let the grudge go easily regergatating the fued.(Tybalt wants to make himself known) ...read more.


As Capulet said fighting will eventually get him in trouble it surely does when Tybalt is killed by Romeo. The story is open to many different interpretations and opions but I think that the text speaks for itself.Example the way a person presents their way of speaking is variable according to status and reputation.For example Anthony*" Ay boy,ready "(extract taken from P63 L11) Capulet *"Welcome gentlemen.Ladies have their toes Unplagued with corns..etc (Humour)(Act1Scene5 P65)As Capulet is welcoming the guests he wants to make everyone to fell at home still remenising about the days he was able to dance and chat to the ladies.Overall Capulet is a very dominant character and shows this obviosly throught the scene not always resulting in violence which reiterates the theme of power. ...read more.

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