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Romeo and Juliet

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The violent and crude language in "Romeo and Juliet" spoils the beautiful love story within'. With reference to the prologue, Act One and Act Three, discuss the point of view. William Shakespeare, the author of many plays and novels was born in Stratford-upon-Avon on 26th April 1564 to his father John Shakespeare, and mother Mary Arden. He famously wrote "Romeo and Juliet" in the 1600's when Queen Elizabeth 1st ruled the country. It was first performed at Shakespeare's "Globe Theatre". Shakespeare wrote many, many plays and was also very well known for his sonnets. In total, it is believed that Shakespeare wrote 38 plays, including "Macbeth", "Othello", "Much Ado About Nothing", "Hamlet" and "Twelfth Night". He also wrote thousands of sonnets and poems. "Romeo and Juliet" tells the tale of two "star-crossed lovers" who secretly, behind the backs of the Montague and Capulet family, fall for each other and end up marrying. The two families have been at war with each other for decades, they are vicious enemies and even when one member from each of the families fall in love with each other, the feud doesn't settle, it grows. In the end, their love is ended. Romeo believes that Juliet is dead, as a result of this he poisons himself in order to be with her. When Juliet discovers that her husband is dead, she also commits suicide, as she too can't bear to live life without her true love. ...read more.


Act One contains a lot of violent language, although it is extremely well written and Shakespeare has carefully crafted this into Act One. During Scene One of Act One, two characters, Abram and Sampson, are swearing in a very sly manor. "Do you bite your thumb at us, Sir?" This is portrayed very well and it is a sneaky way of doing it. People may see this as a polite yet odd way of speaking to someone. This way of speech represents the hatred between the two families. It also shows a hint of sarcasm as the families have both been formally warned by the Prince that if yet another quarrel occurs between them then it will result in banishment. So, by speaking like this, it shows sarcastic comedy as they add, "Sir" onto the end of the sentence, just in case anyone is listening. Not only does this lighten the mood and the situation but it also keeps the audience and groundlings engrossed. Shakespeare used range and variety in his plays, as various kinds of people came to watch them and different people like different things. So, by putting so many themes and storylines into his work, there would always be something for everyone. For Act Three, I saw a very violent scene and when I thought of placing this on a stage I realised that, to get across to the audience what was going on, I had to show the importance of the main characters using different levels of status and different places on the stage. ...read more.


Also "Romeo and Juliet" is seen as a revenge tragedy. The specific language that is used in a revenge tragedy should be high sounding and also ominously prophetic, so the audience can predict an outcome that won't be good. Therefore it needs to be portentous. At the end of the scene where Mercutio is killed, Romeo becomes a revenger as he uses the language of a revenge tragedy. People may see this as misfortune, as when Romeo quotes; "I am fortunes fool" He means he is a good person who has fallen into the trap of following the stars. He thought his fate had all been mapped out and, as a fool he followed his fate. Overall, I believe that the whole belief about "the violent language spoiling the beautiful love story within" is incorrect. I think that it shows the importance of love and the obstacles and mishaps we go through to find it and to try and keep it. I believe that the violence in the story makes "Romeo and Juliet" more romantic as it shows more feeling and that you would do anything to protect your loved ones. Some people may disagree, they may think that it should be a love story throughout, all happy from start to finish. Others may think that the violence should be greater to see what lengths some people really would go to just for love. These could all be valid points but from were I see it, it makes the characters closer in a way they didn't think was possible. ...read more.

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