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Romeo and Juliet

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Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In this play Romeo and Juliet I am going to be analysing the way in which the key themes of love and hate are used within the play; focus in particular on the way they are used in Act 3 Scene 1 with reference to events, language and staging. The background of the play Romeo and Juliet is set in one of the romantic places in the world, Verona in Italy. This setting is brilliant as it is based on an earlier romantic poem from Italy written in the 14th century. Also Verona like many places has a violent part to it where the Capulet's and the Montague's fight. William Shakespeare also uses a lot of sexual references in the play which might indicate that most of our swear words and sexual references came from William Shakespeare's plays. The summary of the play Romeo and Juliet is that in the play the Capulet's and the Montague's have yet another fight in an ongoing feud, which ends up with blood spilt in the street. Prince Escalus tries to prevent further conflicts between the families by decreeing death for any individual who disturbs the peace. Meanwhile Romeo who doesn't really know what love is, thinks he is in love with this woman called Rosaline who doesn't return his affections. ...read more.


This scene begins the run to death the prologue had said. The opening scene Act 3 Scene 1 is used to create atmosphere for the audience. The audience knows Romeo and Juliet have got married but the other actors don't. This shows that dramatic irony is being used as love is suddenly changed to hate. "For these hot days is the mad blood stirring." Benvolio warns the audience that blood will be spilt. The stage setting would probably be bright, all the characters would be acting nervous and sweating, the atmosphere would be full of tension and excitement because the audience knows that there is violent coming up in the performance. Mercutio is once again chatting, he is a character who is full of nervous energy, he is also very bright and entertaining, but Romeo's best friend is supposed to make the audience feel uneasy because of the lack of control he has. Shakespeare would have probably get Mercutio this name because it is like mercury an unstable metal. He talks a lot about violence, death and fighting so that the audience knows that there is going to be violence coming up in the performance. Benvolio, Romeo's peace making cousin tells us that Mercutio is "apt to quarrel" and that his life will not last very long if he keeps going on the way he is. ...read more.


But both plan to kill not just wound, this is meant to frighten and horrify the audience. Even though Romeo and Juliet is over 400 years old. I think It is still valid to a modern audience because of the themes. The story of the two lovers from opposing families is used again and again. Rosie and Craig are examples of characters like Romeo and Juliet who appear in a soap called Coronation Street. 'Daz and Zoe' a book read at school dealt with the same issues but set in Northern Ireland. In our modern multi-cultural society we can easily imagine the Romeo and Juliet story happening in real life. Children also often feel under pressure from t heir parents to line up to their wishes and ideals so we can still relate to the story Romeo and Juliet. The two versions of the play I have seen were on film, they were different: One was traditional ('Franco Zefferli's') set in the 14th century, Italy. I liked the costumes they were beautiful and it helped me understand the historical context of the play. The other one was 'Baz Luhrmenn's, it is set in modern day times in east coast America. The swords have been changed to guns but the language is the same. I enjoyed the modern version more because of the setting. I also understood the language better and the themes which had seem unfamiliar, I could suddenly relate it to parents who want you to do something you don't want to . Laura Anderson English Coursework ...read more.

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