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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1596. The play is about two lovers who are from two feuding families and have to hide their love from everyone. Tragedy tests their love and eventually everything ends in despair and sadness. The two fighting family's are the Montague's and the Capulet's. The general themes of this play are tragedy, love, lust, hate, conflict, revenge and most importantly fate. The violence Shakespeare displays in this play are extremely important because the violence which is shown immediately shows the audience the tension between the two opposing family's. The violence in this play is very dramatic and changes the mood of the scene and scenario very quickly. The violence happens in this play because of the tension between the family's and the long forgotten reason of hate. The violence shown throughout the play leads to even more fighting, death and sadness. This essay will show the violence and conflict are central this play. Discussing Act 1 Scene 1 and Act 3 Scene 1 will show this. These scenes are significant to the play because Act 1 scene 1 opens the play and gives the audience a first impression of the emotions between the Montague's and Capulet's. Act three scenes one is extremely important because it shows the most significant, dramatic and mood-changing violence in the play and it is were the main characters first really encounter tragedy. ...read more.


Benvolio speaks of troubled Romeo and uses personification were he says "the worshipp'd sun peer'd forth the golden window of the east". Lord Montague tells the audience of what his son is like and this is the first proper impression the audience receives of Romeo. The impression is that Romeo is sad and depressed. This is shown were it says " away from light steals my heavy son, and private in his chamber pens himself, shuts up his windows, locks fair daylight out, and makes himself an artificial night:" here Shakespeare makes references towards the light which represents happiness and darkness which represents depression. This is to show that Romeo is dramatic and wishes to sulk. When Romeo first makes his entrance Benvolio speaks to him to find out what is wrong and finds out that the reason Romeo is sad is because Rosalie is not in love with Romeo. Benvolio swears to find him another woman. At the start of the play the atmosphere that is created is that tensions are high in Verona and that many of the characters are tired with fighting. It also makes the audience interested because this dramatic scene starts right at the start as the fight begins so early on in the play. This shocks the audience and gives them a correct perception of what the characters personalities are like. There are dramatic entrances to show that the prince is a very important member of the society as he enters with his train. ...read more.


Act three scene one is a turning point in the play as it is the first time when the main characters die and when Romeo and Juliet's love is really broken apart. This scene reminds you of act one scene one as it contains dramatic violence and a sense of un-knowing- such as not knowing about Romeo at the beginning and not knowing what will happen to Romeo and Juliet in this scene. Also this is the prince also makes another dramatic entrance and again issues Romeo with a threat. On the whole I do agree that violence and conflict are central to the play Romeo and Juliet as it insinuates the tragic love between Romeo and Juliet. Also the violent and conflicting scenes are so dramatic and show the audience what the atmosphere is like between the Montague's and Capulets, which could not have been created by stating it in the play. The play would be less effective without the scenes of violence and conflict as it makes sure that the audience feels many different emotions that shock the audience and make the love between Romeo and Juliet seem even greater. I believe that the violence and conflict in this play is what makes this play so superior as in that time period as it would have shocked the audience. I think that the issues that Shakespeare confronts with Romeo and Juliet can be related to modern day and is what makes the play so suitable for any period of time. ...read more.

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