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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet I have been set this task of creating my version of Romeo and Juliet act 3 scene 1.act 3 scene 1 is in the middle of the play, where the crucial event happens. Most of Shakespeare's plays have the crucial event in the middle, like Julia Caesar the crucial event is when he dies and that is in the middle of the play. Act 3 scene 1 consists of two main characters Mercutio and Tybalt. Tybalt kills Mercutio; Romeo's friend then Romeo seeks retaliation and kills Tybalt. Romeo realizes from that point that his love for Juliet will toil between times, as Romeo states "I am fortunes fool" as he has just killed Juliet's cousin. Shakespeare preformed his plays in the round theater with no lights, sumptuous costumes, music, and sword fighting. ...read more.


The two rival families would live near each other like two doors away from each other. Instead of the families living in mansions I would have them in council flats, in a rough estate. Both families felt strongly about their football team, and when the families found out about what happened the rivalry was even stronger, I would show this when Juliet's father is provoked by her behavior in the play he hurts Juliet by saying that he is ashamed of her and is a fiasco to the family. I would emphasize this more by making Juliet's dad more aggressive, by making him smash ornaments and items in Juliet's room. I would support these ideas by using dim lights, as street lights on the battleground. This would make the play look more realistic. I would have the two discrepant families in two different colours, so you could tell them apart from each other. ...read more.


Benvolio: What! Art thou hurt? Mercutio: Ay, Ay, a scratch, a scratch; marry, 'Tis enough ask for me tomorrow and you shall find me a grave man. Why the devil came you between us? I will hurt under your arm. I would produce the play with modernized language; Mercutio: ahhh, god, look what you've done to me; you've cut me, im bleeding im going to die. both your teams are as worse as each other. Benvolio: Oh no, you hurt... You're bleeding Mercutio: ha ha ha (laughing) it's only a scratch, a scratch that has KILLED ME dead over a feud that meant nothing. So to conclude I have decided it would be exciting idea to set the play in the present where to rival fans battle out there loyalty for their sides, the reason I chose this idea is that nearly everyone finds it hard to cope with the primordial Romeo & Juliet. My version would especially help kids who are in school and are learning Romeo &Juliet at the current time. ...read more.

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