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romeo and juliet

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Is Shakespeare successful in creating sympathy for Juliet in Act Three, Scene Five? Introduction In Act Three, Scene Five Romeo prepares to leave Juliet just before dawn, but she holds him back saying that it is still night. He offers to stay and die, but she urges him to leave. As the Nurse enters warning them that Juliet's mother is coming Romeo kisses Juliet and leaves through the window. Juliet asks him if they will ever see each other again, Romeo assures her they will but Juliet seems to predict what will happen. Lady Capulet enters and assuming Juliet is weeping for Tybalt's death and that no revenge has been taken upon Romeo tells her that she is weeping too much and expresses her hatred for Romeo. Juliet seems to agree but there is a vague meaning in her words expressing her love for Romeo. ...read more.


The play, Romeo and Juliet was written in a Patriarchal society. This is where men (particularly fathers) dominated Elizabethan society. A father had complete control over the women in his family-wife, daughter, sister and mother. Men had control of money, politics, home, children, work, women etc. During the 1500's women were inferior to men. They were controlled by their husbands, fathers, or by any other men in the family. They were not allowed to hold their own opinions, views or lifestyle. Life for women in the Elizabethan period was extremely difficult. Women had no voice in society, they could not divorce, were not given an education and the only option for a women who wanted to control her life was suicide. Modern audiences would have different expectations because we know live in a mixed society. ...read more.


In this quotation Juliet is simply saying that as he leaves her balcony, at the point at which he stands he looks as if he is dead in a tomb and this upsets her. Lady Capulet Lady Capulet's relationship with Juliet was not one of a mother daughter relationship. Lady Capulet did not know what to say to Juliet earlier in the play when her husband had asked her to ask Juliet to marry Paris. She told the nurse to stay because the nurse had been a major part in Juliet's upbringing. The nurse breastfed her and brought her up as one of her own. Lady Capulet supported her husband views because she was afraid of him and because men had control of all the women in the family. In this scene she treats Juliet very harshly because she refuses to marry Paris. She says hope you die on the website ...read more.

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