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Romeo and Juliet

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The play of Romeo and Juliet is still very popular today. The themes of love, feud and tragedy are very interesting which makes it have a lot of suspense; furthermore, it makes the play very exciting, as it has universal themes. The position of women in society was very different to men. Women were supposed to be obedient, quiet and done whatever a man wants them to. There was a lack of women's rights, for example, women were not allowed to make their own choices, about who they could marry. Despite the fact that at that time, England was ruled by a female monarch, women had very little control over the direction of their life. Families during this time centred on the traditional patriarchal paradigm - that of domination and submission. The father was the head of the household and rule over his wife and children. This also meant that the father would choose his daughter's future husband; this means the father would arrange the marriage. In those days marriage was a way of inheriting money and land, "shall you this night inherit at my house." Women were merely a tool for whatever a use a man wanted them for. The focus of my work will be on Juliet and how she interacts with the other characters to make the play dramatic for the audience. Juliet is a young, 14 year old, who is the daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet. ...read more.


Lady Capulet tells Juliet she must marry Paris on Thursday. Juliet appalled, refuses to do so. Capulet then comes in and mistakes Juliet's tears for sorrow for Tybalt's death as well. Capulet flies into a towering rage on hearing the refusal to marry Paris. He then insults her and threatens her. This scene is very important. Shakespeare uses a lot of dramatic effects, the way the characters act and the language is also very important. Just before act 3 scene 5, Capulet is organising the marriage of Juliet and Paris, not knowing that Romeo and Juliet are upstairs in her bedroom. At this point, Shakespeare is using dramatic irony, to build up the suspense in the audience, which makes the next scene even more dramatic. Also the position of this scene is very important, because after this scene Juliet turns to Friar Lawrence for advice on what to do. But if act 3 scene 5 hadn't have existed, then she wouldn't have gone to see Friar Lawrence and therefore the story wouldn't end the way it does. In act 3 scene 5, Romeo and Juliet laugh about death, "let me taken, let me be put to death." Shakespeare makes the play dramatic by putting words into characters' mouths, which then later on happen. When the scene begins, the two characters talk about birds. "It was the nightingale"; "it was the lark." ...read more.


Juliet dies by her own hand, after she discovers Romeo dead. An important difference in their deaths, Is that Juliet dies, knowing the truth. This puts her in a heroic light. To conclude, Shakespeare makes Juliet's characters very dramatic by using a lot of dramatic affects. The most commonly used effect is dramatic irony. Juliet has a big impact on the audience; because even though she had previously shocked the audience before with her rebellious behaviour, the audience's final impression of her is someone of has had a problematic and helpless life, who has had an inevitable tragic fate of that of death. On the other hand, Juliet's character is interpreted in various ways. For instance, in Romeo and Juliet (1996), this is a contemporary view of the play, and Romeo and Juliet (1968), this is an old fashioned view of the play, so therefore the character of Juliet comes across differently. She is presented like a spoilt little girl in Romeo and Juliet (1968). On the other hand she seems to be a genuinely nice person in Romeo and Juliet (1996). The way she was presented was effective as even though in act 3 scene 5 she was presented as being disobedient and rebellious, in the end she showed that maybe what somebody wants for someone else is just not meant to be. That trying to control everything can have traumatic affects, a cause a lot of trouble and in this case death. In fact this still happens today. ?? ?? ?? ?? Roxanne Slevin 10LT Romeo and Juliet Sunday, 16 March 2008 1 ...read more.

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