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Romeo and Juliet

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Violence and conflict are central to "Romeo and Juliet". Discuss this theme with reference to at least three scenes in the play. Romeo and Juliet is a very famous play by Shakespeare. It's about love and violence. It starts with a fight between 2 families and ends with death. In the play there are a lot of deaths and a marriage. In this essay I will discuss the violence and conflict in the play. The play was performed in the 16th century. It was when Elizabeth 1st was on the throne and she really loved plays so Shakespeare had to do a good job to impress her. It was set in around the 14th century. In act 1 scene 1 it's opened with a violent scene of fighting, this makes the audience know that most of the play is probably violent. Shakespeare has opened the play like this to set the scenes. He has shown that there are 2 families that clearly do not like each other. A member of the Montague family says to a member of the Capulet family, "Do you bite your thumb at me sir?" In Elizabethan times when you get your thumb behind your front teeth and flick it forward is known as flicking your thumb at someone. ...read more.


This scene is very important because both the deaths lead to more and more so it would grab your attention so you can't look away. Also it leads to Romeo being banished which then leads to Romeo and Juliet dying so if this scene wasn't in it then the play would not make sense at all. I would say this is the most important scene and I think Shakespeare fitted this scene together well. Act 5 scene 3 is a really dramatic scene, this is when Romeo and Juliet die. I think that this scene is the most interesting scene out of the whole play. Juliet and Friar Lawrence come up with a plan that Juliet will have some potion to make her be in a deep sleep for a while which will give Romeo enough time to come and get her. The message that this was happening could not be sent to Romeo and he was unaware of the plan. He found out that Juliet was actually dead although she wasn't and he wanted to go and see her, so he did. He went and got some potion to kill him as he could not live without Juliet and then snuck into the family tomb and saw her lying on an altar. ...read more.


I think that that would make it better. I think that this is a very violent play. There are loads of deaths and fighting. They are all very violent and full on deaths and you can see the stabbings. The thing I remember most from reading/watching it is both hatred and love. I obviously remember Romeo and Juliet falling in love and the famous balcony scene, as they are both romantic so you want to remember them. I also remember when Mercutio gets stabbed and then Romeo runs after Tybalt and says "either thou, or I, or both, must go with him!" as you can imagine it being said with lots of anger. My favourite scene is probably the last one as it shows how much 2 people love each other that they can't be without each other which I think is really sweet. Also Juliet had the choice when she wok up to go or stay with Romeo and she chose to stay. Juliet had to have a painful death as well by stabbing herself, which shows that Shakespeare created a character that must have a lot of guts and be so much in love that they'd go through any amount of pain to be with the person they love. I think Romeo and Juliet is a really good play as it shows love and hate together. ...read more.

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