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romeo and juliet

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English & Literature Assignment Romeo and Juliet In this essay I will look at the way Shakespeare creates dramatic tension by analysing the prologue, act 1 scene 1 and act 3 scene 1 The prologue describes the play and puts specific images in your head .He uses really descriptive words like "ancient grudge" ancient meaning old and grudge meaning an argument. Then he says "new mutiny "Which means that there's going to be a new war so the tension is really high. I think he's done this so the audience are more interested so that there going to want to watch more of the play. The way Shakespeare uses the tension is like a rollercoaster because he just keeps making the tension go up and down up and down which is really effective and creates a lot of tension as well as planting images in the audience is head. Shakespeare does this especially in the prologue when he says "star crossed lovers take there life" when he says this he's referring to two lovers who's fate is to be together even if they have to kill themselves it's there destiny. ...read more.


words like these together is really effective because it puts a really exiting picture in your head because it really makes you think like how can a fire be cold and how can smoke be bright so it keeps the audience interested. In the opening of act 3 scene 1it is said that " the day is hot and mad blood is starring" this is pathetic fallacy this is so that you know that the tension is already built up, because the prince has explained that anyone caught in a brawl will face death this means that the consequences will be much more serious than last time there was a fight. When benvolio tells us that the fight is inevitable it raises the tension because we already no what's going to happen if there's another fight the atmosphere now is charged and exited. Mercutio tells us how easily benvolio gets into fights and tells us about the five fights he has recently had. ...read more.


This is dramatic irony he thinks Romeo is being unmanly. Then mercutio starts to provoke him even more but now hes fired up and fight's Tybalt Romeo tries to split the fight up and ends up getting his best friend killed, the atmosphere has changed now because it is Romeo who is fired up and Tybalt and his men flee Romeo chases them and kills Tybalt this is when the tension Is really high because now two people have died. The police arrive and question benvolio Romeo gets all the blame because he's the only one alive who was fighting so Romeo is pronounced banished by the prince this makes Romeo upset and angry because his new wife is in the city he's been banished from the mood in the play changes to sadness and regret and then romeo ignores his banishment and goes to see Juliet but he thinks Juliet is dead from some poison so he drinks the poisen and kills himself which explains the quote in the prologue "star crossed lovers take there life" ...read more.

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