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romeo and juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is one of his most famous plays if not his most famous. It is a play of love and happiness but in contrast to this it's a play of hate and tragedy. Shakespeare uses a lot of contrasts in Romeo and Juliet. His uses of contrasts make the play more interesting by always giving the audience something to be concentrating on. Without his use of contrasts the play would be quite unexciting. One of the many contrasts in Romeo and Juliet is Romeos contrast with himself, as you see him changing throughout the play. At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet he is portrayed as someone who comes across as a very weak character, who seems to be in love with himself and how sad he is that Rosalyn the woman he loves does not love him back. How ever, gradually throughout the play you see his character turning into a stronger less self obsessed person. In one way Romeo changes is the way he speaks and his use of language. ...read more.


He is also fairly quiet and shy and will try to back out of a fight if he can. Another of the many contrasts in Romeo and Juliet is that between Romeo and Tybalt. Tybalt is very similar to Mercutio in the way he is very violent and loves to fight. He will also fight whenever the opportunity occurs. He also has a deep hatred for the Montague's. Romeo contrasts with this, as he is quiet and doesn't usually fight. He also doesn't have a deep hatred for the Capulets and is actually related to them. Romeo and Juliet as well as forming contrasts with themselves also contrast with each other. At the start of the play Romeo is so caught up in love with Juliet that he over looks the dangers that loving Juliet hold. "With loves light wings I did operch these walls". When Juliet is being very sensible about the situation tells Romeo he will be killed if anyone finds him he says "I have nights cloak to hide me from their eyes" which shows how un-realistic Romeo is being. ...read more.


There is a great deal of mixture in the emotions Shakespeare uses in the scenes. For example a fighting scene may follow a comedic scene, or a fighting scene followed by a romantic scene. In one scene Juliet who is waiting for Romeo says "come night, come Romeo, come day in night". This shows night is what Juliet wants, whereas usually night is associated with darkness and evil, however here it is something that is wanted. This shows that Romeo and Juliet's love is not as perfect as people suspect. This contrasts with the audience's expectations. When Juliet finds out that Romeo has killed tybalt she describes Romeo as a "damned saint" and a "honourable villain". She says that Romeo is like a book with a beautiful cover but its insides are filled with "vile matter". Her use of paradox's show that she is upset and hurt by what Romeo has done, yet she is still madly in love with him. Without all of the contrast in Romeo and Juliet it wouldn't be so famous. It would also be like most other romantic plays. The way in which Shakespeare uses contrasts is very subtle and creates a good effect. It contrasts the audience's expectations as well as being exciting and unpredictable. Josh Searle 10ly ...read more.

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