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Romeo and Juliet

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Introduction Romeo and Juliet was one of William Shakespeare's earliest tragedies. It was written in the 16th century when Queen Elizabeth was on the throne. This play was set in Verona, Italy, and was based on two feuding families. The names of the two families were Montague and Capulet who had two members that fell in love. They were, of course, Romeo and Juliet. Their relationship was frowned upon by the elders of the families as it was strictly against what they believed in. This play was written to be very entertaining about two tragic lovers and ends in a tragedy when the two lovers, who were also the main characters, die. Also, this play would appeal to everybody as it includes many emotions such as love, hatred, aggression, anger and lust. Act 1 Scene 5 So far, we have seen Romeo's premonition when he believes that he knows that something terrible will happen later on in the play. This would create a sombre mood in the audience as they would fear for Romeo. This is also foreshadowing as we know that something will happen to him. Act 1 Scene 5 opens with the servants arguing and bustling about. The servants are figures of fun and will be there to amuse the audience in the way they are doing their jobs. ...read more.


Immediately after this tense confrontation between Tybalt and his uncle about Romeos presence at the ball, Romeo and Juliet speak for the first time in the language of love, in the form of a sonnet. For Romeo and Juliet's first words to each other to be in the form of a sonnet just heightens the impact on the audience. During the sonnet, both Romeo and Juliet speak parts to show their spiritual connection. For example, when Romeo says, on the 9th line, "have not saints lips and holy palmers too?", then Juliet answers with "ay pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer". What Romeo is saying is she is a saint and that he worships her. This is a very romantic section of the scene which is for the audience to recognise how much Romeo and Juliet love each other and will make them feel romantic and warm. The ending of this scene is also very dramatic as Romeo and Juliet say prophetic lines. One of them comes from Juliet when she says "if he be married, my grave is to be like my wedding bed". This means that she will die unmarried or she would rather die than be unable to marry him. ...read more.


He could be saying this because he loves Juliet and her surname is Capulet and he loves everything about her. The impact that the conflict between the characters would have on the audience would be extremely large. It would cause excitement and tension, make the audience get engaged in it and they may be nervous for certain individuals. This would be Shakespeare's intention, to get the audience involved, and they would remember his name and recommend it to people to go and see the play for themselves. Conclusion To conclude, I think that the scenes affect the audience by getting them involved in the play by expressing every emotion under the sun. This would make it appeal to a very wide variety of people. Also a lot of different things happen such as people falling in love, people being killed and big arguments. These two scenes are definitely the most important scenes in the play as they very big turning points. Act 1 Scene 5 sees Romeo and Juliet getting together and Act 3 Scene 1 sees two main characters, Tybalt and Mercutio, murdered. This scene then goes on to effect the play in many ways as it stirs up some huge arguments. In my opinion I do believe that these were the most important scenes as they portray the biggest turning points in the whole play. Ben Faye 10rb 1,295 Words ...read more.

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