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Romeo and Juliet

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Course work Although we know from the prologue what will happen in the play Romeo and Juliet gripping. why? Romeo and Juliet was written by a famous writer Shakespeare As we know from the prologue that Romeo and Juliet met a very sorrowful end. "The noble Paris and true Romeo dead." It happens like this when Romeo does not receive any message from Friar Lawrence; he is so much in despair that he decides to kill himself. He thinks of a chemist who is very poor and could sell him some poison, other wise it was illegal. The potion that Juliet has taken is not real poison. Juliet has been put into a grave just as a dead person and Paris visits her tomb. Romeo is in very much in love with Juliet and has promised that he will stay with her forever. ...read more.


"Capulet: what noise is that? Give me my long sword, ho!" "L. Capulet a crutch! Why call you for sword?" "Montague: Thou Villain Capulet! Hold me not, let me go". "L. Montague: Thou shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe." The author has written all about such incidents which makes favourite amongst the readers. The romance in Romeo and Juliet starts from the very first act, scene one. It is between Romeo and Rosaline, although it is just one sided, but still it has been described in a very attractive way. How ever the real love between the leading couple of the play is the most eye catching thing for the spectators and the interesting part for the readers to read the love story of Romeo and Juliet is absolute legend for the whole world and for all the generation to come. ...read more.


Friar Lawrence reaches that place, where Juliet starts coming back to senses. Juliet finds Romeo's body who has poisoned himself and when she hears peoples coming towards her, she kills herself with Romeo daggers The Capulet and the prince reach this sight, where the dead bodies are present. The Montagues also arrive on scene, where Friar Lawrence begins to explain the whole tragedy. The two families express their remorse over the death of their beloved children. This creates a very strange sense amongst the public that the two families pay out a big cost of their children to end the enmity between them. They make promise not to be hostile ever again and to make statue of Romeo and Juliet as a memorial of their children and to show that two families are now at peace. Even today, they want to read about the description of all the fight that take place through out the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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