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Romeo and Juliet.

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Yr 10 Shakespeare coursework Romeo and Juliet When I watched a Version of Romeo and Juliet the first thing I became aware of was the prologue being spoken, it tells us of two star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who are destined to love, the words 'star crossed lovers' indicates that fate and destiny may be a strong theme to the story. But alas the love was not to be as we learn the twos vast love for each other is halted by the perils of the warring families each are members of. The prologue is a good way to set the scene which Shakespeare does effectively with the words 'In fair Verona' not only because it tells us where the story takes place, Verona (Italy), but it stretches the full extent of the violence the two families oppose each other with, it does this by saying 'Civil blood Makes Civil hands unclean' Meaning there has been bloodshed and the word 'Fair' is the word which contrasts with the bloodshed making it seem even more violent. In this particular prologue Shakespeare tells the audience basically what is going to happen, by doing so he is getting across lessons to be learnt and morals such as the way the fryer by trying to help the two innocents caught up in a war of hatred, ends up killing them both, this is done by making the audience pay more attention to how and why tragedy is happening rather than ...read more.


My initial Response to Romeo was that he was a little irresponsible in the way he seemed to fall innocently in and out of love so easily, but I did perceive Romeo as a more open minded young man of intellect rather than that of a violent, hatred driven and misled boy, driven in to his own aggressive manhood like the other young men of his age. Rather than the ability to think, judge, forgive and perceive the other family for themselves the others I feel would have continuously fought until something equally as devastating as the deaths of Romeo and Juliet happened marking the end of the rivalry. The character Tybalt Directly contrasts with Romeo as he is driven by hatred and the overwhelming sense of loathing he possesses for the Montagues, whereas Romeo is the complete opposite, proof of this is the party scene where we see Romeo sneak in to the house of the Capulets to attend a social gathering where Tybalt spots Romeo and Romeo recognising the danger of confrontation slips away in to the shadows to avoid fighting, but Tybalt on the other hand stirs up a fuss and takes the news to the head of the Capulet house looking for support in his anger, but in spite of the families history the elder more wise Capulet swallows there pride to avoid the embarrassment of fighting in there own home. ...read more.


In this scene we see almost every character act aggressively towards each other there is only one character who does not and that surprisingly enough is Benvolio as Benvolio has been involved in most arguments even if he hasn't said anything he was there, Benvolio however is only looking out for his friend Mercutio by taking precaution in the fighting due to the princes words of warning. But he fails in breaking the tension as Mercutio continues to parade his pretentious side to his personality by continuing with the taunting, but Romeo with the aura he possesses breaks the tension upon entering the scene without intending to because Tybalt after so vigorously and aggressively conversing with Mercutio turns his attentions to Romeo without a second look at Mercutio this shows Romeo is a man of importance in the eyes of both families. The power of the language used by Romeo in this scene is very passionate and if I were to give some advice to the actor performing this scene I would say make sure he understands the text before he says it, this also would be vitally important for anyone acting in a play with old and sometimes confusing language such as many of Shakespeare's plays. If I were to give the director one piece of advice it would be to get plenty of close-ups of Romeo to exaggerate the feelings he is performing with facial expressions and hand gestures of course it would be important to tell the actor to perform the hand gestures and facial expressions also. By Martin Willan ...read more.

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