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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Comment on the importance of Act 3, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet. Introduction Romeo and Juliet is about two 'star cross'd lovers' who are destined to be together but fait will intervene with there courtship. Throughout the play we discover that both families have a long running feud which gets in the way of Romeo and Juliet's relationship and ultimately destroys them. A tragedy is when a certain aspect of your life which you desire and enjoy, somehow gets destroyed often through no fault of your own. Romeo and Juliet how ever is a Shakespearean tragedy. This is where; they have a tragic hero, or central character that is put into a Circumstance of conflict which he/ she must resolve. A mixture of bad luck and fate which then later on resolves in mainly the main character/ characters later on dies. The general theme of Romeo and Juliet are Hatred and love between two families and how it affects not only the two lovers but also the people around them such as there two families and friends. Around the time Romeo and Juliet is set the daughters parents were the most responsible for whom there daughter married they choose who she would marry and she had no choice in the matter the bachelor was usually rich and had good family history. ...read more.


The audience are very shocked by the way Tybalt is reacting because I would have thought that it would be Tybalt that is the patronising one because he is made out to be the bad guy. The atmosphere is very tense in this scene because you don't know what's going to happen next and I think even the audience is affected by this, because its so tense the audience are sat on the edge of there seats anxious to find out what happened's next. Between the last scene and this scene there is a big contrast of the mood and the atmosphere. In the last scene the mood and atmosphere was very romantic with Romeo and Juliet getting married and spending there first night together. But when we get to Act 3 scene 1 the mood is very negative and dark because of what is happening. I think the audience think this is a very predictable scene because Tybalt isn't going to be very happy Knowing that Romeo is with Juliet knowing there families are enemies. This scene is linked to previous events in the play. I think Romeo and Juliet think that by having this relationship that the family feuds will come to and but they are unaware if anything goes wrong the princes warnings will become true. ...read more.


I think Romeo has always thought that the Capulets were all really bad people but since he has fallen in love with one of them he has realised that they are good people and only fight to stand up for the rest of there family. Just before Mercutio dies he curses both families three times he says 'A plague on both your families'. This is very significant because by him cursing both of the families, both of the families have had deaths in them. The end result in this scene is when Romeo gets so angry that Mercutio his best friend is killed by once his enemy now his brother in law Tybalt that Romeo Chases and finally kills Tybalt. Conclusion Act 3 scene 1 is the pivotal point of the play this is were people are killed and because they were killed they has to be people to blame and also consequences for every one Overall this scene makes the audience understand the characters more and affects them by showing the overall dynamics of the two families. This scene is the most significant scene of the whole script because without this scene there wouldn't be any consequences so there would not really be any tragedy or any real story line. ...read more.

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