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Romeo and Juliet.

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Introduction The play Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare in 1954. This play is famously known through out the world for its themes: love at first sight, hate, and tragedy. One the play story line is about two lovers meeting for the first time and fall in love instantly who are separated by both families feuding. Romeo (17) and Juliet (14). Many people were nauseated by the age different between the two lovers at the play was written. Also with Juliet's still a teenager and an innocent's young female and with Romeo leading playboy life creates all sorts of question for the audience between the two lovers relationship (e.g. Is Romeo serious about this relationship? ) The play is about two families in Verona who are the rich Capulets and the Montague. There been an old quarrel between the two families which Romeo and Juliet got caught upon which appeared to be so deadly that the enmity between the two families caused the ironic ending of the two lovers. The ending of the play was very powerful with both young lovers determined to stay together what ever the circumstances there were in. With Romeo killing himself after finding Juliet in a deep sleep which he thought she had pasted away. After Juliet awoken form her deep sleep to find Romeo dead and then killing herself. ...read more.


'To strike him dead I hold not skin' this threat towards Romeo by Tybalt is very violent and very powerful element to be stated by Tybalt. This show he has no sympathy for Romeo or the Montague's. This type of language is typical of Tybalt, who is always talking about death, hatred and violence. As soon Tybalt over hears Romeo he suddenly asks for his rapier (sword) 'Fetch me my rapier boy'. With Tybalt over-hearing Romeo increases the tension of this scene with Tybalt anger and violent behavior and by this the audience wonders what would be the next step for Tybalt. This act by Tybalt shows his a character with fewer words and more action and by asking for his rapier (sword) this escalates the tension. The audience then believes that a clash to the death will emerge between Tybalt and Romeo. This is a contrast to Romeo who does not encourage or join the family feuding. Tybalt anger of discovering a Montague at the master ball is surprisingly contrast to Capulet cool manner towards it, 'I would not wealth of all this town here in my house do him disparagement: therefore be patient, take no note;' the reason for Capulet patient behavior is because for he does not want to blemish Juliet's master ball. ...read more.


Act 1 scene 5: is a pivotal scene in the play as it's the scene where both lovers meet for the first time. The audiences are excited at the point of the lover meeting, as the audiences were eagerly waiting for their meeting as it's the beginning of the two lover hard and destructive relationship. But with Tybalt aggression it also shows that it's not only the beginning of the Romeo and Juliet relationship but also their downfall and death which becomes an ironic ending for the audience. In addition the audiences are enthusiastic to see how the relationship will develops. The love aspect of the play can relate to all ages especially the romantic type, whilst the feud between the families adds excitement in the play. From the start of the play the audience know the situation between the Capulet and the Montague, which is that their at war with each other which has been going to for decades. Romeo and Juliet's relationship cause's a huge controversy between the two families which builds up the excitement and tension of the play: with both coming for feuding families. And with Tybalt still furious at Romeo discovery in his own home also adds excitement and tension. Tybalt reputation as violent character from the start of the play ' rapier boy' and his value words ' villains' gives the audience a felling that the relationship between the too will eventually be broken by Tybalt some way some how. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed.B ...read more.

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