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Romeo and juliet

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Romeo and Juliet "Romeo and Juliet" is a famous work by William Shakespeare. It is a love story about the 'two star crossed lovers' Romeo and Juliet, who meet with their tragic end due to dispute between their families. Two young innocent lives were led into the jaws of death due to misguidance given by the Nurse and the immature behaviour of Romeo, but over and above everything was their unchangeable destinies which headed towards their end. This essay will explore the question 'Who is to blame for the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet?' .It will first focus on Romeo as the most to be blamed character in the tragedies and then on Nurse, Fate also plays a very major role in tragic death of both the lovers. Romeo and Juliet belonged to a high class society but unfortunately for them both their families had been into a feud since decades. Romeo is the only son of Lord and Lady Montague and so Juliet the only one to the Capulet's. At the beginning of the play Romeo is able to keep himself away from the fight between the families because he is deeply obsessed with love. Romeo is desperately in love with Rosaline who is a Capulet and is about to commit a blander by approaching her, which might result in to a big fight between families. Romeo:" out of her favour where I am in love" (Act 1, Scene 2, Line 162) Romeo:"grief of mine own lie heavy in my breast, Which thouh wilt propagate to have it press'd With more of thine, this love that thou hast Shown, both add more grief to too much of Mine own. Love is a smoke made with fume of Sighs". (Act 1, Scene 1, Line 180) Romeo is supposed to be in unconventional love with Rosaline by his family and friends due to his behaviour. We could have also guessed the same thing from his use of language and description of his feelings. ...read more.


Throughout the play Romeo has acted in haste and impetuously. He does not think about the consequences. He does not learn his lessons. He first became the cause of Mercutio's death, and then he kills Tybalt and gets banished, but still he does an immoral deed of killing Paris. He does not think things through. Romeo's rushing and impatience attitude leads to his tragic death Shakespeare uses Nurse to explore the relationship between comedy and tragedy in the play. The Nurse, despite being a servant in the Capulet household, has a role equivalent to that of Juliet's mother and regards Juliet as her own daughter. Nurse is closer to Juliet then her own mother. Nurse is to be blamed for the death of the two star-crossed lovers as she misguides the innocent lives. Nurse is to be blamed for; she helps Juliet to marry Romeo secretly by betraying Capulet family. She no more remains loyal to her masters by doing unwilling acts behind there backs. Nurse: "Then he you hence to Friar Lawrence' cell, There stays a husband to make you a wife" (Act 2, Scene 5, line 68) Juliet's relations with her Nurse are better and closer then her mother. Juliet finds her self more comfortable with the Nurse and reveals her feelings for Romeo. The Nurse, instead of making it clear to Juliet her relation can never be soothing but can only bring destruction, supports Juliet The Nurse was already aware of the feud between the two families still she encourages Juliet to marry Romeo. She dose not remain faithful to her employer by helping the two lovers. She is no more an ideal maid. She carries on massages between Romeo and Juliet and helps them to marry secretly. The Nurse dose not behaves as a responsible adult. She dose not think about the consequences and dose things which is to be blame. ...read more.


Romeo:" Is it e'en so? Then I defy you stars!" (Act 5, Scene 1, Line 24) Romeo staunchly believes in ones destiny being already set in stars. Through a series of actions played by his fate now Romeo is knowledge that fate is his foe .Romeo accuses the twist of fate for causing him commit the terrible sin of murdering Tybalt, Moreover, Romeo blames fate as it compels him to be the main cause of conflict resulting into Mercutio's death. Soon after learning about Juliet's death Romeo criticizes his fate, as it is his wicked destiny that leads to the death of his beloved. We can blame fate for cycle of actions so that the characters are unable to win the combat with the fate and resulting into there tragic death. Fate surrounds mainly about Romeo all the time in the play, we wish it to be a bit merciful and awake Juliet before Romeo drinks poison but unfortunately it remains awful to innocent lovers causing them to die. Romeo drinks the venom just seconds before Juliet becomes fully conscious were instigating Romeo to die helplessly due to poisoning in the arms of his beloved Juliet, where he always wanted to be. It is noticeable that fate plays a major role in the tragic death of both lovers. Although we know that he and Juliet are fated to die, we still hope against fate that the workings of fate might be thwarted and time and again we are disappointed. Fate is merciless and which results in tragic end of two star-crossed lowers. As there destinies are set in by fate. It is apparent that the death of Romeo and Juliet has been because of some instrumental characters. However I think Romeo is most to be blamed as he dose not think about the consequences and always acts in haste. He takes rushing decisions which creates problems later. So it is ultimately Romeo's immature and impetuous behaviour which leads to the tragic end of two star-crossed lovers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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