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Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Essay In Romeo and Juliet, how does Shakespeare make Act One, Scene Five and Act Three, Scene One dramatically effective? Romeo and Juliet was written in the mid 1590's, a time where London was full of disease, plague and the population was widespread. The city itself was not big enough to hold theatres, so Shakespeare had his theatre built on the boundaries. The Globe Theatre was built in 1599 and was a common hangout for crooks, prostitutes and thieves. Shakespeare clearly attacks this filthy society in his play - make the attack on the church, against the establishment, politicians and marriage. His play is about Romeo and Juliet crossing the line, the boundaries for love and the fact that not everyone is going to stick to the rules. In Romeo and Juliet, Act one scene five and Act three scene one play the most important scenes in the play. William Shakespeare uses humour, violence, tension and irony to make the play dramatically effective. Act one Scene Five is a very significant scene in the play, as it is set in the Capulet mansion. Romeo, who is a Montague intrudes upon this party and meets Juliet. ...read more.


Masque balls were supposed to be the picture of calm and order and it was the host's responsibility to make sure this stayed with all the guests. Tension was also in Act three, Scene One, with Tybalt's insult towards Romeo: 'the love I bear thee can afford no better than this: thou art a villain.' The audience would hang onto the word love at the beginning of the scene hoping for something positive. It is completely shattered by the word villain. Romeo should be angry at this but this never happens because Tybalt and Romeo are related - unknown to the villain Tybalt. There are also moments of dramatic irony in the play. In Act one, Scene five there is an argument between Lord Capulet and Tybalt about Romeo's appearance to his enemies party. Romeo is unaware about Tybalt knowing he is there - whereas the audience know otherwise - and continues to flirt with Juliet. 'This by his voice should be a Montague.' This moment is effective because it's clearly showing the contrast between love and hate. With the audience knowing this, they will be in suspense to await any more violent moments such as the three way conflict in Act three, Scene One. ...read more.


Words such as Jack are sixteenth century insults but because this is put in to the context of comical banter, the audience would laugh and be calm for the later events in this scene. In Act one, Scene five, the silly banter of the servants is humorous to the audience because it shows that the play isn't a completely violent or solemn tragedy. In Act one, Scene five, there are elements of humour: 'Potpan, that the helps not to take away?' This is the first line of the scene with the servants removing plates. If the audience were listening to this, they would imagine the first serving man rushing around frantically calling the line out. This is again calming the audience and preparing them for the events ahead. Shakespeare makes Act one, Scene five and Act three, Scene one dramatically effective by using dramatic tension, irony, violence and humour. If Shakespeare forgot one of these things, the play would not be an energetic, violent tragedy. All four of these effects interlink with each other. For example, humour and conflict is linked in Mercutio and Benvolio's insulting scene in Act three, Scene One. They are playing with comical words but are also preparing themselves for a fight which is dramatic tension comes in. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Munday - 11L ...read more.

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