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Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet is probably Shakespeare's most famous play. It's an exciting, romantic and entertaining tragedy, which has won the thumbs up from almost everyone who's come across it. But one of the greatest mysteries of Romeo and Juliet is whose fault is it. Who is to blame for the tragic deaths of the 'pair of star crossed lovers' and many of their friends and relatives? Romeo and Juliet were very young and we tend not to blame youths for their mistakes due to lack of knowledge and maturity. But realistically if they are old enough to get married, have sex, kill and commit suicide their old enough to take responsibility for their actions. I think a key issue was that Romeo was very immature and had no idea what love truly was. At first he was head over heals for Roseline and describes her as 'fair' and 'beautiful' and as soon as he catches sight of Juliet he's totally forgotten about Roseline. There are many reasons why this was predictable. Firstly he only described Roseline's physical beauty but never once mentioned any thing he loved about her as a person. This indicates that he was in love with her physical beauty, which just isn't enough for true love to be true. Friar Lawrence also picked this up when in act 2 scene 3 he says 'young men's love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.' ...read more.


And if fear was present at any point as we see in act4 scene 3 she will drown it out with one thought of her hearts desire. She expresses her fears for 42 lines yet takes the potion after one thought of Romeo, love is blind, lovers are foolish, and infatuation is numbing, she could block out the world, reality, pain and fear with one thought of love. The friar was irresponsible to put her in a position of power while in such a fragile and evidently ('I long to die') irrational state. Once Romeo was gone friar Lawrence could have stood as a man of authority and demanded that Juliet leave the chamber with him but instead he leaves her in a cowardly attempted to save his own skin. Once again in act 5 scene3 Friar Lawrence suggests another lie to get out of a sticky situation when he says 'come I'll dispose of thee among a sisterhood of holy nuns'. Finally at the end friar Lawrence takes full responsibility and exposes the truth to all who are concerned. After the loss of so many lives and the cause of so much pain he finally buts the disaster to rest as Romeo and Juliet put them selves to rest. His story is not questioned, as he was a man of great responsibility and high status but more importantly a man of God. People's level of respect for him is displayed in act 5 scene3 when the prince says 'we still have known thee for a ...read more.


The Friar an honourable man of God went against the church and he's faithful followers (Monatagues and Capulets), the nurse went behind the back of her employers, Romeo and Juliet lied to and disobeyed there parents as well as the law of the land and church, Lord Capulet went against he's true believes and attempted to marry his daughter of under age, everyone involved acted out of the ordinary simply because it was meant to be. At the very beginning Romeo and Juliet are described as 'a pair of star crossed lovers', and many believe that fait truly is controlled by the stars. Small predictions pop up through the play such as in act 1 scene 2 when Benvolio says 'one pain is lessoned by another's anguish' which is exactly what happened when Romeo and Juliet died, Verona's pain caused by the feud came to an end. In act 1 scene 5 Juliet says ' grave is likely to be my wedding bed' and surely she died (twice) on the day she was to marry Paris. In the end, act 5 scene3, friar Lawrence acknowledges that he can't beat fait and that's what he was truly fighting against, in defeat he says ' a greater power then we can contradict hath thwarted our intents' all that was destined to be therefore fait is to blame for the tragic death of the young 'pair of star crossed lovers' Juliet ironically says 'my grave is likely to be my wedding bed' and in the end it is. This shows that fait and destiny play a large part in he tragedy. ...read more.

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