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Romeo And Juliet

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Explore Shakespeare's presentation of Act 3 Scene 1 As A Turning Point In The Play? William Shakespeare had a stake holding in the Globe Theatre and also acted in some of the productions of the plays. The success of the Elizabethan theatres, including the Globe, was such that other forms of Elizabethan entertainment were being seriously affected. In 1591 the growing popularity of theatres led to a law closing all theatres on Thursdays so that the bull and bear bating industries would not be neglected. Romeo and Juliet has been performed in Shakespeare's time Shakespeare himself played Peter the servant. Romeo and Juliet was performed many times at the globe but of course in the old days women were not allowed to be cast so a man would have played Juliet. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was written between 1594 - 1594. The story is known to be from the third century. The play is a tragedy, but can also be classified as violence and romance and comedy too; the themes often contrast between love and hate but they also work well. ...read more.


When Tybalt enters Mercutio immediately starts to quarrel with him. Mercutio then decides to provoke him into battle by saying "let's make it a word and a blow" by blow meaning a punch or something to do with violence. Nonetheless when Tybalt gives as good as he gets Mercutio still takes it as a joke! Benvolio tries to prevent the fight but fails. Shortly after Romeo enters and cannot seem to understand why he is accepting the challenge Tybalt has offered. During that time if you backed down form a challenge then you were seemed to be a coward and honour is always important especially for men. Romeo had just been married and is happy and is meeting his friend, enemy and cousin for the first time as a married man. There is a lot of irony in this scene as if Romeo did not tell them he was married, blood would not have been split. Romeo is a strong believer on fate therefore when he says the line "o I am fortunes fool" he is saying it must be fate and this must me mine. ...read more.


Lady Capulet seemed to be quite un-lady like by being quite aggressive and demanding that the prince "must give" justice, in the form of executing Romeo. Luckily for Romeo the prince banished him to Mantua. Due to the banishment it causes many problems. There is a huge risk of Romeo not being able to consummate his marriage to Juliet and the friar has to give the sleeping potion to Juliet which Is the cause of Romeo and Juliet's death. In conclusion Act Three Scene One is a major turning point in the play because of many reasons. Many characters change in the play Romeo turns from loving, caring person to a violent, aggressive one. Mercutio realises how serious the feud and paying dearly. Tybalt and Mercutio die, because of certain events Romeo and Juliet both die. You can trace all these vents back in the play. I think it is acceptable to say Romeo is right when he says he believes in fate as fate is the reasons for these tragic events. 1,105 Words ?? ?? ?? ?? Sahil Dalal 10E English Mrs.Leonard ...read more.

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