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Romeo and Juliet

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Analyse the prologue and Act 1 Scene 1of Baz Luhrmanns production of Romeo and Juliet. How does he make the opening effective? In this re-make of the classic drama, Romeo and Juliet, Baz Luhrmann has just modernised it. He has done this by editing and cutting the script and also, he has changed the setting, clothes of characters, age of characters and the gender of some of the actors. An effective opening is one that will make the audience want to watch the rest of the film. The opening should give the effect that the film is going to be a thrilling film and that the audience should definitely enjoy. The music in this film varies throughout the film. At the start it is classical drama type. This music comes in on the end line of the chorus which is, "Take their life." Tybalt, who I think is seen as the leader, is introduced with old western movie music which makes him look calm and in control of the situation straight away. ...read more.


In the first scene of the play there is a caption of the two buildings, the Capulet building and the Montague building, in between the two buildings there is a big statue of Jesus. This symbolises that religion means a lot to both families and that seems to be a resistor in between all the fighting. When all the fighting begins it is ironic how the two Montague boys, who get aggressive, are the two that run away and eventually get shot. The more mature Montague is shown as the rescuer out of their family and doesn't run until the end. Montague boys seem to be all mouth with no actual fight in them. That is where the Capulets are different because the Capulets seem intent and ready to kill whoever they wish. They are both determined to stand up for their families and represent their families; this is shown when they both show the cross on the bottom of their gun with their family name on. ...read more.


get off the tap spilling, this is because later on in the play it all splashes up in Benvolios face and Tybalt sees this and purposely drops his cigar into the petrol so hopefully it would catch alight and burn Benvolios face. But the fire doesn't spread as quickly as Tybalt wanted it to, this allowing Benvolio time to realise and get away. At the end of the scene the whole city seems to be running around creating chaos and havoc in the streets, cars are just being left anywhere and fled from. It also seems like the whole police force is out trying to stop this fight, which gives the impression that it has happened before and could destroy the whole city before it finishes. The opening to this film is very effective as it includes a very exciting build up to the fight then the fight is very dramatic in itself. Also the opening introduces most of the main characters that are going to be seen in the play especially in the fight scenes. James Collier 10SJS ...read more.

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